10 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Become an IT Consultant

Are you tired of your current 9-to-5? Do you feel like your skills and expertise are going to waste in your current job? If so, becoming an IT consultant might be the perfect solution to your problem. IT consultants get to set their own schedules, take on exciting new projects, and most importantly, make good money without any boss telling them what to do! Follow this 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Become an IT Consultant and see if consulting might be the right career for you!

List of 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Become an IT Consultant

1) Freelance Life is Rewarding

Freelance work offers a lot of flexibility; you get to choose when you work, where you work, and how much time is spent on any given project. Work when it’s convenient for you, as long as it’s delivered by a certain deadline! In addition, opportunities exist for freelance consultants to specialize in specific areas of information technology (IT). Many freelancers operate primarily online so that they can be available to clients at all hours. You can set your own rates and bill your clients accordingly.

You have complete control over which projects you take on, meaning you don’t have to spend time working on projects that aren’t interesting or rewarding. The majority of successful IT consultants have been working independently for years before ever taking their first client—so if you think becoming an independent consultant sounds like something worth considering, there are many resources out there to help make it happen.

2) Stable Income Streams

One of the biggest reasons that people decide to become consultants is because it allows them to have a steady stream of income. Since you aren’t relying on a single employer, you can set your own schedule and live anywhere in a 50-mile radius. Another benefit is that you can choose which clients you want to work with (and pay more money).

This means you can pick up some extra cash by working with small businesses or startups instead of larger companies. You also don’t need to worry about layoffs or getting fired—so if you are looking for a stable job, becoming an IT consultant might be right for you.

3) Set Your Own Hours

The most attractive feature of being a consultant is that you can set your own hours. While you do have deadlines, they’re generally more flexible than what you would find at a traditional job. This freedom can also bring along with it some pressure as you are ultimately responsible for meeting your obligations, but if self-discipline isn’t one of your strengths, consulting could be a good career path for you.

If you work in a big city like New York or San Francisco, there are plenty of other consultants who might be willing to trade shifts so that you can get out early on Friday or head into work late on Monday morning. You’ll never have a boss breathing down your neck about clocking in early or working late.

4) Balance Between Work and Play

Are you working too much? And at what cost? Try finding a better balance between your personal life and work. Are you getting enough sleep? When was your last vacation? These are questions you should be asking yourself, especially if you’re trying to start a new business.

Making sacrifices like long hours in exchange for short-term benefits will only lead to stress and burnout. You don’t want that. You need to find a healthy balance between work and play so that you can remain productive without sacrificing your health or well-being.

5) Keep Improving Yourself

There are always things you can learn, whether it’s through classes, workshops or conferences. Don’t ever stop educating yourself. The more you know about IT in general, and technology trends specifically, the better position you’ll be in to give clients what they need. Plus, as your knowledge expands over time, so will your network of associates that you can draw on for professional referrals and partnerships.

You never know where a connection might lead. For example, if you speak at a conference about tech trends in small businesses, maybe you’ll meet someone who runs their own successful business. If that person has no IT expertise, maybe he or she will reach out when he or she needs help with their own business—and perhaps he or she could become your next client! This is just one example of how networking and education can come together to benefit both parties.

6) Working On Things You Love

For many people, sitting in a cubicle staring at a computer screen doesn’t exactly equal dream job. In fact, most of us can think of several reasons why we’d rather do just about anything else besides sitting in front of a computer all day long. The good news is that now you can do just that—as long as you have some technical skills, you can probably find a part-time consulting gig that fits your interests. And if you don’t?

It may be time to brush up on those tech skills. As technology becomes more ingrained in our lives, so too will tech jobs. One thing is for sure: if you want to keep up with what’s happening in technology, you better start getting familiar with it.

7) Flexibility To Travel The World While Earning Money

Having a home office certainly has its perks. It gives you plenty of freedom, while allowing you to earn money as a consultant. One of those freedoms is freedom of location: You can work remotely from anywhere in the world. This means that if you have a spouse or partner who wants to travel but doesn’t want to leave their job behind, it’s possible for both of you to do so! Many consultants travel internationally for extended periods of time—sometimes even moving abroad permanently—all while earning money from clients around the globe.

8) Perks Galore

Working as a freelance consultant offers flexibility, while reducing barriers. You can work from home, on your own schedule. And you never have to worry about getting fired or laid off. Working for yourself is rewarding financially too—you don’t get paid vacation days or sick time, but you can take as much of those as you want.

There are also tax benefits—and it’s easier to get reimbursed for business expenses (like travel costs) than if you were working 9-to-5. Plus, you can even deduct any money spent on equipment used for your job. For example, if you spend $1,000 on a new computer and software programs that help run your business—it’s all tax deductible!

9) Live Abroad For Cheap/Free (If Possible!)

Staying in your country of residence may seem like it would be convenient—after all, you know where everything is, right? However, you’ll find that sticking close to home comes with a slew of costs: rent/mortgage payments, utilities, insurance costs, taxes.

The list goes on. In fact, these hidden costs are major culprits in high expenses for expats who move abroad. Instead, consider finding ways to live abroad for cheap or free if possible! This way, you can save money while also experiencing new cultures and lifestyles. If not free or cheap living options aren’t available to you (or if they aren’t desirable), at least try to keep as many of your living costs as low as possible while living abroad.

10) Not Limited To Any One Company – No Strings Attached!

If you become a freelance IT consultant, then you’re not limited to any one company. You don’t have to put up with a job that you hate just because it pays well. Most consulting firms are happy to take on new clients, so if you want to leave your current employer, there is almost certainly someone who will hire you on as a freelancer.

Plus, once you get going, most of your income will come from repeat customers or referrals anyway. This means that even if something happens at work and you need to find another gig quickly, it won’t be hard for you to do so. And when was the last time your boss helped out by referring potential customers?


When it comes to what really matters in life, most of us just can’t help but agree: family and friends trump all. But you know what else is important? Living your life according to your own terms. One day, you’ll look back on your career with a special kind of nostalgia—and when that happens, hopefully you’ll be reflecting on years of successful business ownership rather than wasted time at an unfulfilling 9-to-5 job. Don’t let yourself get stuck in someone else’s dream; start living yours today.

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