2022 Proton Saga MC2 facelift launched in the former part of this year

Wapcar Automotive News – Proton has officially confirmed that the Proton Saga MC2 2022 facelift will launch in May. That’s this month, and just over three weeks away, so it’s really near.


However, the best-selling model in April is Proton Saga for sale, with 4,579 units sold, reaching a total of 14,028 units as of now in the last month before the launch of Proton Saga 2022. Discount month. Report released today.


Now, a refreshed Saga comes as no surprise, as we showed you two quick snaps in the last week alone. Don’t expect a major mechanical or leather overhaul – the exterior changes are limited to Proton’s new circular logo; an ethereal red dome cradles the grille, X50 style; a body kit for the premium car; shuriken-type two-tone alloy; and black side mirrors. There are no changes to the lights and bumpers at both ends.


Inside, red accents appear on the speedometer rings, central ventilation frame, and small bands on the navigation knob and side vents. For an example of how the color accents work on Saga, see yellow on the 2020 Anniversary Edition, but it’s more complete here.


The AC control panel is new – it has buttons on each end and two in the middle. The buttons are similar to those of the latest Iriz, and they’re much better than the current car’s basic three-dial layout.


There also seems to be a new operating system for the infotainment system, which is based on the home screen, with more icons and colors. There’s also a Perodua-style “Please check your belongings” warning when you shut down, reminding you to bring your baby, bag, and laptop. There’s also Proton’s new circular logo on the handlebars.


A leaked document that took the rounds earlier this month tells us everything we need to know about the MC2 Saga. There will be a new top-of-the-line 1.3L Premium S AT variant, and it will feature new 15-inch wheels and the body kit you can see here, auto-folding rearview mirrors and an updated trunk lid. date with release switch.


Other perks listed in the documentation are an updated instrument cluster, leatherette upholstery for the steering wheel and seats, keyless entry with push-button start, and a black headboard. Additionally, the 1.3 Standard AT variant is configured to receive electronic stability control (ESC). The 1.3 Standard MT will be ESC-free, but it will continue to exist as a Proton-only manual transmission vehicle. Not long.


Another day, another official teaser for the Proton Saga MC2 2022 facelift, will premiere on May 12. Yesterday Proton introduced the refreshed Saga grille (round logo, X50-style red stripe) and close-ups of ‘four-spoke’ shuriken-style alloys; Today we can see the side of the car.


Get ready to experience a new level of excitement with the new Proton Saga. Smart Suggestions are set to make a bigger impact with best-in-class handling, giving you more than a new car – it’s an experience, the caption reads. 


The text talks about handling the Saga, but what’s more interesting (because it’s new) is the point of view of the new body kit, specifically the sides of the skirt. As you can see, they are quite thick and prominent, and they will be joined by the front bumper skirts to create balance. Nothing on the rear bumper. The side and front bumper additions are exclusive to the new range called Premium S.


Features of Proton Saga teaser 2

The teaser also shows the two-tone 15-inch wheels in motion. This new set of rims will be for Premium and Premium S variants – Standard continues with 14-inch items. Other exterior changes include black side mirror caps and a black rear license plate border with Proton lettering.


Spyshots gave us a peek inside the 2022 Saga, which has a lot of red accents. You’ll find “Sports Color” on the air vents (including the directional tabs), the gauge cluster, and the splitter knob on the handlebars. The center console has been improved in terms of small holes and has a new AC control panel that looks like the one on the Iriz 2022, but without the airflow adjustment and piano key style buttons. The new Proton logo is also on the driving model.


7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen (from Premium) surrounded in glossy black, new graphics (including X50-style Proton logo home button) and goodbye screen “please check your stuff” ” is seen on Perodua’s. The screen here is different, so it could be based on Atlas OS as found in the latest Iriz/Persona.


Other new features include keyless entry, push-button start, auto-folding rearview mirrors, outside trunk opening (why was this omitted in the first place?) and leather seats. Electronic stability control has also been expanded to include standard AT (basic MT standard continues without ESC), although there is still no automatic emergency braking.


No changes are planned for what’s underneath the bonnet, and the Saga is expected to continue with the familiar 1.3-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder with 95 horsepower. force and 120 Nm.


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