5 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Beauty Routine

In the quest to find the fountain of youth, it’s easy to think that beauty routines revolve entirely around skincare products and hair care products. While those two categories definitely play an important role in maintaining your outward appearance, you can also turn to unexpected sources for help with your beauty routine. Some of the most effective beauty boosters are things you probably already have in your house!

1) Have lots of fresh fruit around you

Getting in a serving of fresh fruit each day is a great way to boost your daily intake of antioxidants and vitamins. Berries are particularly high in key minerals and plant compounds. Stock up on blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and even raisins when they’re available — you can freeze them or keep them in your fridge for an easy snack whenever hunger strikes.

2) Don’t touch your face

People touch their faces roughly 400 times a day. When you slather makeup or moisturizer onto your face, make sure you wash your hands first. Otherwise, you’re effectively rubbing dirt back into your pores and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s not good for your skin. Makeup brushes: Avoid sharing makeup brushes with anyone else, including friends or family members who have different skin types from yours. And don’t forget to clean them regularly!

3) Use no makeup makeup techniques

There are all sorts of ways you can apply natural makeup without ever using a drop of foundation or other cosmetic products. However, if you want your look to be truly no makeup – as in no makeup at all – you’ll need some help from a dermatologist or dermatology office in Atlanta. Dermatologists provide complete skin examinations and can prescribe topical medicines and treatments to clear up most skin conditions.

4) Incorporate essential oils into your skincare routine

Aromatherapy is a new term many are just beginning to adopt in their beauty routine. But, essential oils are not just for your massage oil—you can actually incorporate them into your skincare routine. How? By adding essential oils into coconut oil or another natural base like almond or olive oil and massaging it onto your skin. Just be sure you’re using organic, 100 percent pure essential oils as opposed to synthetic versions that may not be safe on your skin over time.

5) Keep a pack of Kleenex handy

Flushing your eyes with water can actually make them look worse. The next time you have a bout of allergies, grab some tissue and dab away those tears. You may also find that holding an ice cube against your puffy eyelids helps reduce swelling even more quickly. In addition, if you notice any redness in your skin, try placing an aloe vera leaf (use one from a plant—just make sure it’s not poisonous) on top of that area for about 15 minutes.


There are many ways to look and feel great. If you aren’t looking your best, you might be missing a few key products or techniques that are making all of the difference. Take some time to try out these tips and let us know how you feel. Enjoy it!

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