6 Effective Tips to Keep Your Ears Healthy

In everyday human life, we go through many different experiences and having basic senses has made it easier for us to survive better. Among these senses, the sense of hearing has its importance just like any other sense humans have. These senses play a definite role in determining our responses under certain circumstances.

Imagine living a life with an inability to hear sounds, you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite music, you won’t be able to hear a car horn while crossing the road and many other things. In short, it will be hard to live a normal life with your sense of hearing being compromised.

Most of us are born with a natural sense of hearing but this doesn’t remain the same during all those years. Many things can take a toll on your hearing ability. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent and can be due to many different causes. Ageing is one of the prominent causes of hearing loss according to a renowned general physician from Capital Hospital Islamabad

How to protect your ear health?

Considering multiple causes of hearing loss, it is important to know that many of these causes are avoidable. Rather than suffering from the problem, it is always better to have taken preventive measures. Here are the tips that can help you to protect your ear health over time.

1- Avoiding loud noises

I like my music loud! Is one the most commonly given excuse when it comes to keeping ear health intact? Loud music or other sounds can be damaging to your ear because human ears healthy are designed to adjust to a specific wavelength of sound waves. When we constantly hear loud music we make our ears healthy habitual of these loud noises and we start losing our ability to hear sounds with lower wavelengths.

2- Ear protection is a must!

Just like lifestyle choices matter, occupational exposure to noises is also quite damaging. People who have constant exposure to the high-intensity sound are more likely to suffer from damage. To avoid hearing loss from this, a variety of ear protectors are available on the market. These protectors are safe for use and can help to limit these high-intensity sound waves from entering your ears healthy. read about also: Needle holders

3- Don’t self-experiment your ear for wax removal

The use of candles for ear wax removal might seem quite tempting to anyone but before you do it think about whether you should do it or not? Of course not! These wax removal techniques might seem simple but may require technique and for this very reason, it’s better to leave it to professionals.

4- Don’t use sharp objects in your ears healthy

Not only this, using sharp tools or even vigorously using cotton buds can even cause more damage to your ears healthy. Inappropriate usage of cotton buds is one of the primary causes of ear injuries that can damage your hearing, according to a renowned physician.

5- Keep your eyes on the warning signs

In the case of hearing loss, it is not something to happen instantly. Before a problem becomes severe there are always warning signs that appear way before there is complete hearing loss. Keeping an eye on these signs and symptoms can surely prevent you from more damage. Some of these signs can include redness, inflammation, itching etc. In the years these are some of the signs to be concerned about.

6- Ensure regular physical activity

You might be surprised to see this but it is probably one of the things you can do to protect your ear. There is a strong association between your ear health and your cardiac health. You can have better cardiac health by ensuring regular physical activity and ultimately improving your hearing ability.

Bottom Line!

Hearing is one of the five basic senses that are essentially required for our survival. Many things can take a toll on your hearing ability including your genes, occupational exposure to loud noises, bad lifestyle choices etc. You can try many things to ensure better hearing ability over time. Alongside these tips, it is also important to visit your physician as soon as you see any problem signs.

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