6 Major Trends in the Industry of Candle Packaging Boxes

Various industry experts discussed the top product packaging ideas they love right now, whether you want to design the latest packaging for your products or peep at the trendiest new aesthetic trends. Here are the best candle boxes trends for 2022, including gradients, unusual typography, pack-vertising, and sustainable packaging.

6 Major Trends of Candle Packaging Boxes

Here are some trends of custom candle boxes that you can use for your brand. But, ensure that you add a personalized touch to the packaging while considering your target audience.

1.      Color Mists

Spray-mist color pops breathe new life into boring white packaging. Color mists are a popular trend in Instagram design, perhaps due to their calming impact, which makes you pause mid-scroll.

It’s difficult to imagine how a designer could produce this hypnotic and enigmatic design effect for custom candle packaging. Still, adding noise and over-blurring color pop in Photoshop might work.

2.      Faux 3D Deco

This cutting-edge pseudo-3D graphic artwork gives candle boxes wholesale packaging a chic and modern touch. Playing with illusion and depth is a surefire technique to catch customers’ attention and make them stop what they’re doing.

It’s a great design idea for tech products on the more costly end of the scale because pseudo 3D is such a complex effect to produce. This shows the consumer that you’re on the cutting edge of trends and technology, which translates into “this product is worth the money.”

3.      Gradients

Right now, gradients are pretty popular in design, appearing in everything from candle boxes to social media and online design. For those trying to develop a hip, original appearance, they’re a quick and efficient method to add color and texture to a plain design.

Gradients, which combine two or more different or same hues, frequently have mellow tones and experimental, gritty textures to give them an ethereal appearance. Gradients can be used as a background and accent or to make any product stand out on the shelf, whether bold and brilliant or soft and subdued.

4.      Sustainable Packaging

Businesses and brands are working to make their goods and packaging more environmentally friendly and sustainable as environmental challenges continue to influence our world and daily life.

Innovative sustainable materials like custom candle boxes made from mushrooms or edible packaging are excellent, but they are out of reach for small firms trying to expand, scale, and raise brand recognition.

The challenges presented by sustainable packaging derail a lot of small firms. More often than not, customers are won over by honesty and transparency rather than having the ideal ecological custom candle packaging option.

5.      Serenity

The year 2023 will likely be a difficult one for the world. Therefore the candle boxes wholesale packaging design of finding tranquility is timely and exactly what you need right now. The first sigh of relief when simple, complimentary colors are used, and uncomplicated language and simple typefaces promote easy reading.

The popularity of the peaceful ASMR phenomenon has even influenced packaging design, where glossy, smooth, or purposefully textured packaging surfaces lends another level of tranquility to products.

6.      Y2K Aesthetic

Between the middle of the 1990s and 2005, the Y2K style, typified by a ’90s-era cyberpunk, was trendy.

The Y2K trend is noteworthy since it is frequently regarded as an odd (but endearing) blip in fashion and design. However, the early millennium trend returns for candle boxes with a vengeance as all trends cycle out after 20 years.

The Y2K comeback is beautiful because of the sweet irony that gives futuristic touch to the product. Also, it is now nostalgic and comparable to retro-futurism. The background of custom candle boxes is composed of light blues, silvers, whites, and pale neon, and geometric shapes give it a dynamic edge.


If we can infer anything about the packaging design trends for 2022 from the calming color palettes, endearing characters, and nostalgic imagery, it’s that customers want a good feeling. A/B testing your product packaging can be used to identify whether the design is more well-liked by your clients or to adapt your product for different audiences in different countries.

Customers desire to purchase products that make them seem lovable and nice. You can boost branding aesthetics by printing personalized artworks with animated graphics on the packaging boxes. The design, which gives a variety of hues, significantly enhances beauty of the packaging. Some of the most popular techniques for custom boxes are digital printing, inkjet printing, and UV printing.

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