Top 09 Best NFT Marketing Strategy in 2022

NFT Marketing

In May 2014 a digital artist named Kevin McCoy Converted his digital art ‘Quantum’ into the world’s first NFT on Namecoin Blockchain. A big milestone came in 2017 when Ethereum launched token standards which allow developers to create tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Suddenly all the popular  NFT projects (CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, etc.) shifted to the Ethereum blockchain and the rest is history. In the year 2021 also referred to as the year of NFTs, the total market cap of NFTs is Blasted. 

Now because of lots of opportunities, many digital artists became NFT creators. Despite creativity and hard work, they are unable to get their desired output due to a lack of marketing skills. This article will give a brief insight into various marketing strategies NFT creators can use for effective marketing of their NFTs.

Marketing Skills allow creators to approach a wider audience that can give the best chance to your NFTs to get a buyer that bid higher than the floor price. Without further delay let’s dig into the top 10 advanced marketing strategies to build a successful marketing business.

1) The proper way to List NFTs

The first step toward becoming an NFT creator is to mint and list your NFTs on NFT marketplaces and the Journey of Marketing also starts with Listing Step. Before listing, put an effort to make an NFT with unique features and concepts so that your NFT stands out from the crowd. For example, you can create generative art NFTs which are getting traction by NFT communities. Then select the right marketplace to list your NFTs.

Some genuine marketplaces that can generate good profits are given below.

  • OpenSea– In terms of trading volume and NFT sales OpenSea is a Market Leader in sports different categories of NFTs and has 150 different payment tokens.
  • Rarible-  Raible is another large marketplace for NFTs just like OpenSea which supports all sorts of NFTs and is easy to use. But the only difference between Rarible and OpenSea is that Rarible only supports its native coin as a payment option.
  • Nifty Gateway-  Some of the most famous digital artists like Beeple and Grimes Use this marketplace. Nifty Gateway is powered by large crypto exchange Gemini and what makes Nifty Gateway unique is they support Fiat currencies to Buy and sell NFTs.
  • SuperRare-  SuperRare is based on the Ethereum blockchain and they are launching their own token for transactions. SuperRare also supports OpenSea marketplace.

Take a recent example of Taco Bell with their right listing strategy and choice of the right marketplace all the NFT collections sold out in less than 30 minutes.

2) Marketing by an Influencer 

If you are a beginner, who requires a large audience base in less time you can consider an influencer marketing option. As influencers already have a viewer base they can generate a huge amount of traffic in less time.

To Choose the perfect influencer for your project, narrow down them cleverly by targeted demographics, Niche, and Budget. You can take the NBA’s example. NBA collaborated with different influencers for marketing their NFT collection and they sold Seven NFTs in a minute. To make Influencer research easy there is a list of NFT/ Crypto influencers, to begin with. 

Top NFT influencer/Creator on YouTube:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee
  • The Bitcoin Express 
  • Meet Dave
  • Brett Malinowski or NFT Harry Potter.
  • DCL Blogger Founder of MetaKey NFT

Top NFT Influencer on Instagram:

  •  Bosslogic is also known as Kode Abdo.
  • Shavonne Wong
  • Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder of Reddit.
  • Red Hong Yi and Creator of the NFT collection Memebank Banknotes
  • Gmoney, is an anonymous NFT influencer.

Top NFT Influencer ON TikTok:

  • Crypto Cita- Fastest growing in crypto Niche.
  • Greg Mike – Creator of  MAD CAN NFT series.
  • TheNiFTyInvestor- NFT Future price prediction.
  • CryptoWendyo- marketing solution for global crypto companies.

3) By running Paid Ad Campaigns 

Paid Ad campaigns help you to build your brand’s online presence. If they are strategically planned and wisely managed by professionals.  Ad campaigns can give you enormous results by targeting a specific audience in a short timeframe. Below there are some suggestions to run a successful Ad campaign.

Google Ads- It is the world’s largest advertising platform that targets specific Keywords and shows your AD when Phrases including your keyword are entered in the google search engine.

Facebook Ads- FaceBook has the world’s largest number of active users on its social network platform. This makes FB a lucrative option for advertising but unlike Google ads, Facebook ads target the interests of users rather than Keywords.

Quora- Quora is a question-and-answer platform and has large numbers of daily active users.  An advantage of Quora over other social media platforms is that Quora will show your ad to users who are searching for your services and ask queries about it. For example, if anyone asks the best NFTs to Buy IN 2022, Quora will show your ad on search results.

Reddit- Reddit has forums called Subreddits on every imaginable topic. These forums have thousands of visitors, you just have to find forums that suit your niche. Also, you can write a post and run it as a paid ad campaign.


4) Email Marketing

Email marketing is a personalised and easiest form of marketing. It allows you to Stay in touch with your potential customers and send them emails about your product and services on a regular basis. It improves relations with your potential customer by building a relationship based on trust. All you have to do is collect Emails from your target audience through Ad campaigns, quizzes, surveys, and contests then Create beautifully designed Content that satisfies user queries and smartly advertises your product.


5) Use Telegram & Discord Marketing 

There are pre-build groups and communities already present on social media platforms like Telegram and Discord. Just make a list of these communities and take advantage of pre-built communities to promote your NFT collections. Telegram and Discord are the fastest Options to find potential customers. You can also build your own groups/ communities and grow them by posting daily updates about NFTs.


6) Use Giveaways to familiarise customers with your Artwork.

Giving free products so that the public use and get familiarise with them is a very old traditional marketing strategy. In the era of Digital Marketing, this method of marketing also acquired a digital avatar called “Giveaways”. NFT creator announces a Giveaway of their artwork on social media channels so that users familiarise themselves with your artwork and ask all the participants to Follow, share and Like your projects. Then slowly redirect them to your paid NFT collections so that they can start bidding for your NFTs on NFT marketplaces.


7) Build a Community

Customers often prefer communities and brands because they give an element of trust. You can build a community on Telegram, Discord Reddit but most NFT owners prefer Twitter to build their community and increase followers.

All the top NFT platforms have a Twitter account and they announce their new collections on Twitter. You can also build your community on Twitter and interact with your community members by posting content and personal views on NFTs. These communities will help you to build authentic relationships with your followers that later results in loyal customers.


8) Build Your Presence in NFT Calendars

NFT Calendars are platforms that notify their users of every airdrop on different NFT marketplaces. These platforms have huge traffic because most NFT enthusiasts use these platforms to get aware of NFT airdrops. You can also List your NFT airdrop Date with details of NFT on these Platforms.


9) Create a Unique Brand Experience to beat the competition

Most brands use artists and content creators to target a specific emotion or experience of people. By this method, they create a unique brand experience and people connect more often with the experiences and remember them for long time periods. You can also use this strategy and promote your brand on marketplaces with more engaging content.


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