Can hypospadias cause problems later in life?

As a result, the penis may experience problems working effectively and may not appear normal. There are numerous surgical procedures available to treat this problem. Hence, treatment helps avoid complications like sitting to urinate or facing difficulties having sex later in life.

What is hypospadias?

A congenital abnormality known as hypospadias affects boys and results in the urethra’s opening not being near the tip of the penis. Through the penis, the urethra is a tube that discharges urine and sperm from the body. However, the urethra develops abnormally in boys with hypospadias between weeks 8 and 14 of pregnancy. Therefore, an abnormal opening can appear between the scrotum and the area right below the penis’s tip. Hence, hypospadias cause problems; some can be minor and some more severe.

Causes of hypospadias in a child:

During growth, it takes place in the mother’s uterus. The tissue that makes up part of the urethra on the underside of the penis does not completely close when the baby develops within the uterus. The foreskin does not mature completely. As a result, the top side of the penis has more foreskin. Additionally, the bottom of the penis lacks a foreskin.

Symptoms of hypospadias in a child:

Each child’s symptoms may show a little slightly. They may include an abnormal appearance of the foreskin and penis as well as an abnormal flow of urine. The penis’s tip also has a downward slope. Not in a straight line, urine sprays. There are gaps in the skin that covers the penis. If left untreated, hypospadias cause problems.


The urine stream may point in the opening direction, such as downward. Or it may spray in many directions. Moreover, as your child grows, his penis may curve. It can cause sexual problems later in life. Further, if the urethral opening is closer to the scrotum or perineum, your child may have problems with fertility later in life. Hence, hypospadias cause problems for your child later in life if it is not treated.


Hypospadias surgery is very successful in patients with no history of the procedure. However, if you are considering this treatment, then you should do it without hesitation. The cost of hypospadias surgery can differ due to several factors, including the surgeon’s experience, anesthesia fee, surgery fee, and location of the hospital. Hence, hypospadias surgery cost in Pakistan ranges from 200k – 250k PKR.

Hypospadias treatments:

The type of defect the boy has will determine how his hypospadias is treated. Therefore, surgery usually requires treating hypospadias to correct the issue. You must undergo hypospadias surgery if you want to treat your baby’s medical issues. Hence, hypospadias cause problems, and there is no other way of treating this condition. However, if surgery is required, it is often performed when the boy is 3 to 18 months old.

Surgeon for hypospadias:

ALSA Pakistan provides you with the best pediatric surgeon for hypospadias surgery. Most experts recommend that you may go for a surgeon who performs more than ten surgeries on hypospadias in a year. Being the best hypospadias surgeon in Pakistan, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin performed more than surgeries last year. ALSA Pakistan has the best hypospadias treatment, providers.

After hypospadias surgery, what happens?

A catheter, or small tube, may be required by the infant to urinate. However, in most cases, the catheter is left in for a few days or even two weeks. Therefore, to decrease the chance of infection, your doctor will recommend antibiotics. Hence, painkillers are effective at reducing discomfort. If hypospadias cause problems, then call the healthcare provider. Moreover, if you are worried about how your child’s penis looks or if they are having issues urinating, then talk to your doctor.

How to prevent hypospadias?

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, pregnant mothers can decrease the chance that their unborn children will have hypospadias. Women can keep their weight under control. Additionally, avoid alcohol use and smoking. Folic acid can be taken when pregnant, however. While pregnant, visit your doctor for regular exams.

Now there are some related diseases along with Hypospadias, but it is treatable for your child’s wellness-

Penile torsion in children:

The term “penile torsion” refers to the twisting of the penis. Therefore, male infants are born with this disease. It causes when the skin and connective tissue of the penis do not develop properly during the period of the unborn child’s development in the womb. It typically has no symptoms. Moreover, penile surgery in baby boys is done under general anesthesia. It usually happens between 6 to 8 months of age.

Chordee surgery:

During chordee surgery, the penis frequently curves downward. Additionally, a congenital condition can appear on by the penis’ abnormal growth. The underside of the penis may have a urine opening (hypospadias). Chordee surgery in Pakistan can, therefore, generally fix the chordee.

Causes of chordee surgery in baby boys:

Chordee, penile torsion, and hypospadias cause problems in baby boys. The chordee’s cause is typically unsure. However, the top part of the penis may develop more elastic tissue than the bottom half throughout the womb. As a result, the penis may curve when an erection occurs.

Treatment for chordee:

The only effective treatment for chordee is surgery. Therefore, to straighten the penis and remove the fibrous tissue that is the cause of the bending, surgery can perform on it. Hence, it does not result in long-term issues when appropriately treated, and the penis’ natural appearance will require. Because of, healthy sexual function requires a straight, erect penis.


Before the age of two is the best time for chordee repair. Hence, the procedure will enhance the penis’s growth and development. Therefore, in children, chordee repair is usually quite successful. However, most cases of hypospadias cause problems and require surgery to treat the damage. Without surgery, boys with minor penile torsion will not experience long-term health problems.



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