Domain Names – How Much Should You Buy?

Frequently asked questions about buying a domain for a website, are there any advantages to using multiple domains, and how to use multiple domains.

How many domains per website?

A website only needs one domain, but it’s common to have multiple domains in a game. With most web hosting companies, pointing or “referring” multiple domains to a website is a very simple process. There are three general and common approaches to this strategy. The first is to buy several domains, all related to different focuses or relevant keywords for the website. Second, you buy different extensions for the same domain and others from the same domain. The third is to buy multiple domains that span names that are close to the main domain or are easily interchangeable.

There are many different domain strategies

The strategy of buying several different domains for a website usually requires some version of this strategy. Let’s say you have a landscaping business in, NY. And your website covers areas like lawn mowing, snow plowing and tree care. You want to buy three domains such as “anytownlawnmowing”, “any town snow plows” and “any tow Tricare” and redirect each of these domains to pages related to a specific topic on your website. Is this a problem? Assigning keyword related domains to each service can help with offline ads, online ads, and word of mouth.

There are many different expansion methods

The main idea behind purchasing several (or all) different domain name extensions is to protect your brand, website or business identity. For example, if you own your business name “.com” you can buy “.org”, “.co”, “.biz”, etc. Trademarking a name has some legal protection, although many people prefer to own it all rather than have someone else use it . A common trick for very popular websites is for someone to buy a separate plugin for that domain and try to figure out the popularity of the more popular websites.

The relational domain approach

There are many cases where a company or website is known by different titles. Usually there is an official website or company name to domain and some other slang or meaningful name by which it is known. For example, if you have a business called “Bob’s Authentic Italian Pizza Shack,” it’s probably also “Bob Da Pizza Shack.” Known as.” Both are similar but different. It makes sense for a company to own and use both domains.

Turn on

There is nothing negative about buying multiple domains for free. The cost of a domain name is minimal, but it becomes expensive if you enter tens or hundreds of domains. There are many fun and productive

Things you can do with multiple domains for your website. If you’re interested in this strategy, remember that many registrars offer discounts when buying multiple domains at once.

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