E-bike Hitch Racks: Four Outstanding Models

Many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers consider electric bikes a part of their RV Lifestyle. It can be difficult to find the right hitch racks to fit e bikes. There are four models we can recommend.

You’ll quickly see that e bikes have become a rage at RV parks.

RVers often use hitch racks to transport their e bikes on camping trips. These are either carrying racks attached to an RV’s rear-mounted trailer hitch. The hitch rack is the best option because e bikes can be so heavy. Bike racks that hang on doors, attach to cargo carriers or mount on rear window windows simply can’t support the weight of an electric bike, let alone two, as RVers desire.

According to the questions we receive, many people are interested in finding the best hitch rack for their bikes. Here are our top 4 picks for hitch racks on e bikes.

First, some guidelines.

Check out this checklist to help you choose the right hitch rack.

The same applies to your hitch racks for electric bikes. You wouldn’t buy that first bike. Here are some things to keep in mind as you narrow down your options.


It is important to make a good investment. You should not only check the specifications online but also review customer reviews. These reviews can provide valuable information about the performance of the product when it is put to the test.

Size and weight of the E-bike

Before you buy an e bike hitch rack, consider what type of bike it will be used for. Some hitch racks are not adjustable and can’t handle larger or smaller bikes. You want to be able to adjust the hitch racks and change your bikes quickly.

Ebikes also require more rugged and robust racks than traditional bikes. Ebikes weigh in at 55 to 65 pounds. A load of two e bikes can add up to 120-130 pounds. You should match your e bikes’ weight to the rack’s maximum capacity.

Important Note: Two bikes can add approximately 12o-130 lbs to your weight. The rack is usually twice as heavy as an e bike. The rack and bikes can add almost 200 pounds to the RV’s carrying capacity. When loading your RV, make sure you don’t exceed this limit. This could mean that you don’t need to bring as much RV gear or cargo.

How many bikes do you want to transport?

There are many hitch racks that can be used to load e bikes. Two e bikes can be carried by the most common rack model. Bythe way e bike vs e scooter both are good optionĀ  according to need or requirement.


You get what you pay. It is important to know what you require before you spend on hitch racks for your e bikes.

Types of hitch racks available for E-bikes

There are two types: platform and hanging hitch racks for bikes. The platform rack allows your bike to rest on the rack, while the hanging rack lets the frame rest on the rack.

A hanging e bike is not recommended due to the weight. There are no e bike hitch racks that can handle more than one e bike. It can be difficult to hang more than one bike on a rack without them scraping and touching each other. You’ll also likely need to raise your bikes higher.

We don’t like hanging bikes.

A platform bike rack has many advantages: it is easier to load and unload, doesn’t sit as high on your RV; allows for multiple bike styles; bikes are secure at the frame and wheels; there is no contact with other suspension mountain bikes or the rack, and bikes don’t touch each other.

It’s worth looking into hitch racks for bikes

We love the new RV Rider model that Hollywood created after we bought our rack. You can carry two e bikes up to 80 pounds. Each can be mounted on an RV, 5th wheel, or flat-towed vehicle. Extra heavy-duty wheel holders are available for carrying heavy loads. The bikes are secured by locking frame grabs.

Frame grabbers are designed to attach to the frame of a bicycle’s seat tube or frame. The bikes are secured to the vehicle by a locking cable and a keyed alike hitch pin. When not in use, the bike rack can fold up and tilt down to allow for rear cargo access.

The extra weight of electric bikes is handled by a double-walled receiver tube. An included hitch tightener reduces movement inside the hitch (the receiver hitch must have a flange). This bike rack requires a minimum class 3 trailer hitch. For use with a 5th wheel, a separate receiver tube is provided. This brings the rack 2 inches closer to the vehicle.

Escapee (Swagman).

This is the first Swagman product to be approved for RV use. The Escapee has been RV approved for use on 5th wheels or camper trailers. This allows you to take your e bikes wherever you want them to.

The Escapee can support a maximum weight of 60 lbs. The Escapee is compatible with tires up 3″ wide and has no frame contact. It securely holds the e bikes in position with the hook located on the front wheel near the fork. To prevent bike theft, the rack comes with a 5/8 inch threaded locking hitch pic as well as locking ratcheting arms and replaceable keys. The rack is 62 lbs in weight.

E-Spec Black (Swagman)

A hitch mount bike rack that is approved for RV use is rare, but it can be used with all the functionality of a passenger car. The E-Spec can carry two e-bikes up to 70lbs and can be attached to a 2-inch receiver. Each bike.

To protect your valuable possessions, the E-Spec includes locking ratchet hooks with a locking pin and locking hitch pin. You can also fold the E-Spec up against your RV’s rear when it is not in use. It weighs in at 63 lbs.

Easy fold XT2 (Thule).

Although it is nearly $800, it has a lot to offer. It can hold two 65-pound e bikes, shock/vibration protection technology, anti-rattle hitch, and rust-proof design.

Other features include a locking clamp and foldability. The rack weighs in at 45 lbs.

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