Guide to Choose Headsets for Computers

The eSports industry is now at the peak of its popularity. Game manufacturers are creating more and more high-quality, and, accordingly, PC-demanding games. When upgrading their computers, users often worry about buying new parts for the system unit, ignoring accessories that are equally important for a comfortable game – gaming keyboards, mice, and headphones.

The latter deserves special attention because high-quality sound with good sound insulation plays an important role in the passage of any game. The right choice of headphones for games on pc is relevant today more than ever! Equally important is the microphone for communication with colleagues in the game.

Choosing headsets for Computers

Some users believe that gaming headsets are a marketing ploy of well-known brands that produce PC accessories, and any other headphones will be enough for a comfortable game. In practice, gaming headphones have a lot of significant differences in many aspects:

  • Lightweight body with anatomic inserts made of soft materials for long work.
  • Sound tuned in such a way as not to overload the user with unnecessary low frequencies.
  • A high-quality microphone that allows you to communicate with colleagues in-game chats without interference and delays.
  • Convenient connection methods and versatility.
  • Interesting design solutions.
  • The ability to adjust various parameters.

Manufacturers of gaming accessories for PC and consoles offer an endless number of options for gaming headphones with different characteristics and, accordingly, with different budgets. Companies producing professional and home acoustics are gradually joining the already existing manufacturers of gaming accessories, which significantly expands the choice of gaming headsets with a microphone.

What headphones work for PCs?

PC users who love atmospheric games will love the option to activate surround sound on headphones. Of course, this system is implemented in software, because the acoustics are physically limited to only two head phone speakers. Since most of the sound processing in such cases takes place directly on the PC using DTS and Dolby systems, such a system can only work on certain models of headsets connected via USB or wireless connection. At the output, the gamer receives sound in 7.1 format, which is extremely convenient not only in games but also when watching movies. Some models of analog headsets are equipped with small sound cards. Many manufacturers of gaming accessories have such solutions.

What should you pay attention to?

Often, without understanding how to choose gaming headphones with a microphone, the search becomes no less difficult than, for example, finding a new high-performance graphics card. This article will focus on the main aspects that are important to consider when purchasing a gaming headset. First, when choosing a quality device, you need to decide on the most important aspects:

  • Method of connection to the sound source (wired or wireless).
  • Headset form factor.
  • Speaker and microphone characteristics.

Almost all gaming headsets use regular audio cables to connect to a sound source. At the end of the wire of such headphones, there is either one multifunctional 3.5 mm jack capable of transmitting audio and voice, or two separate connectors for sound and microphone. These headsets can be used with any gaming platform.

More options are provided by headphones, which are connected to a PC using a USB port. Due to the additional power, these models boast surround sound systems, active microphone noise reduction, LED backlighting, and other features that improve comfort during the game.


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