Guidelines for the Use of Scaffolding

Scaffolding services are needed in city due to the massive improvement of existing infrastructure and the construction of new buildings in and around cities. With events such as the upcoming FIFA World Cup and Scaffolding’s advancement as a first world nation, the visual and structural aspects of the country have undergone massive changes. With these changes, there is a need for reliable and safe scaffolding services and systems by a safety-accredited contractor.

Hire a contractor

Hiring a licensed scaffolding contractor is the best way to find a reliable and safe scaffolding system. In Scaffolding, contractors must comply with government safety laws and the Occupational Health and Safety Act and SANS 10085 to ensure optimal safety on temporary scaffolding and avoid liability for accidents or fatalities.

Between 2000 and 2005, 3,999 people were injured in various accidents on construction sites in the UK, all of which were avoidable – with proper maintenance and safety, accidents should be extremely rare.

Safe preparation of racks

Before erecting the scaffolding structure, the scaffolding contractor hired for the job and the contractor’s employer must make preparations.

First, there must be a stable surface on which to build the scaffolding, and if not, the contractor must stabilize it and ensure that it is sufficient to support the scaffolding.

The safety of bystanders is very important and appropriate measures must be taken when racks are placed in a public area. The work can be continued, for example, during a quieter period when there is less construction in the area or the roads can be closed with the permission of the municipality. Iron should not be placed near power lines as it can be very dangerous and lead to death.

If scaffolding is used on a highway or freeway,

the contractor must have a special permit and is responsible for applying for and obtaining the permit. However, the contractor must apply for a building permit from the municipality for the construction of temporary structures and permanent structures that may use scaffolding.


Scaffolds must be well trained in scaffolding and working on temporary structures. The stand must be inspected and reassembled before use. It is also recommended to regularly inspect the scaffolding for weaknesses or damage to the structure and materials. This is especially important after adding or changing racks. It is equally important that scaffolding should be inspected after particularly dry weather, storms, high winds and other factors that may affect the safety of the scaffolding structure.


Safety when using racks

When using racks, employees must not store material on rack tables. Anything left on the boards can cause you to trip and fall through the scaffolding or hurt someone.

Physical barriers are recommended to prevent injury to people walking under scaffolding, but using tape to create barriers is not recommended because people can (and do) ignore the tape and walk through it. steps must be removed to prevent unauthorized access. In a mobile tower stand, the wheels must be locked and in place when workers are working from the towers.

Folding systems, such as self-closing

and quick racks, reduce the risk of accidents thanks to the safety system built into the racks. These systems are easy to build and require fewer workers without compromising safety. The system is a locking system in which no part of the rack structure can come loose, and since the rack material is steel, it is practically indestructible.

Scaffolding rental is a growing demand in Scaffolding, especially with special events, a booming film industry and the upcoming FIFA World Cup in the country. Without proper safety rules and practices, the risk of injury and death is high. The correct use of scaffolding keeps the construction and scaffolding industry a thriving and successful service.

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