Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs In India

A well-settled job is a dream of every Individual in the country. In today’s era, getting a job that satisfies you is a dream come true. However, many people choose their passion as their profession, but passion cannot serve all your needs and your family’s needs. Moreover, there are many highest paying jobs in India; choose the one which is right for you.

Let’s have a look at the highest-paying jobs in India:

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

1) Chartered Accountant

The Chartered Accountant or the CA Course is one of the most preferred career options for commerce students. This profession gives you the salary of your dream. Moreover, joining as a chartered accountant, you enjoy the job flexibility in the organization. Hence, the chartered accountant is the only person who audits the Financial statements of the company.

Furthermore, Becoming a CA is not an easy task. You have to pass the three levels of the course along with the three years of Articleship Training. The duration of the CA course is five years after the 12th.

Additionally, the demand for Chartered Accountants is rising day by day in industries, businesses, and other organizations.

2) Civil Services

The next is the civil services exams, which are managed by the UPSC. Civil service is a government job and the prestigious one. However, this offers lots of accommodations and social security benefits. The students who clear CSE Exams are appointed as IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Even industrial machinery is a decent field but you should know how many jobs are available in industrial machinery/components.

Qualification: To be a civil servant, the individual must clear the civil services exams conducted by the UPSC.

Salary Range: The starting salary of civil servants is Rs. 56000 – 2,50,000, along with other social security benefits.

3) Investment Banker

Investment Banker is one of the Highest paying jobs in India. Not only in India but worldwide, a dream of a finance student is to be an investment Banker.

However, the Investment Banker effectively acts as a corporate financial counsellor connected to the financial institution or banks. Moreover, they raise money for Government corporations and other entities.

Qualification: The student must have an MBA Degree in Finance, with good communication skills and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Salary Range: The average annual salary of an Investment banker is Nine Lakhs at the initial level.

4) Doctor

Doctors are considered life saviors. This the most reputed, respected, and highest paying jobs in India and Worldwide. There are various types of doctors, including surgeons, general practitioners, physicians, and many more. However, everybody knows the responsibility of doctors, i.e. to make their patients sickness free.

Qualification: To be A doctor in India MBBS Degree is required, with practice and an Internship.

Salary Range: However, there is no fixed range of salary that a doctor earns. But the average salary of a doctor in India at a fresher level is Rs 6-7 Lakh and can earn more figures with years of experience.

5) Data Scientist

Nowadays, the number of job openings in Data science is increasing day by day. However, the technological improvement in India is because of the Data scientists.

Further, the Data Scientist is an analyst with years of experience working with a large amount of data that addresses the business issues of the organization.

Qualification: To be a data scientist, a graduate degree in Maths, computer science, data science or Statistics is required. Additionally, one needs technical expertise, computer programming know-how, data visualization skills, etc.

Salary Range: The minimum pay of a data scientist in India is 6-7 Lakhs per annum.

6) Business Analyst

The business analyst helps in the growth and development of a business. In order to achieve the abilities of a business analyst, you must know using the data analytics tools to find the gap between the business domain and technology trends.

Qualification: To be a business analyst, Strong analytical abilities and an MBA are necessary.

Salary Range: The starting salary of a Business Analyst is 6-7 Lakhs in India, depending upon the company.

7) Product Management

The product managers in India are most required for the design and development of the products. The demand for Product managers is increasing day by day.

Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in BBA or a closely related discipline, such as economics, communications, marketing, public relations, advertising, or management, is the minimal educational requirement for product management employment.

Salary Range: The average salary of a fresher product manager is 6-7 Lakhs in India.

Take Away

In this article, you have seen the top 7 Highest paying jobs in India. The CA Wizard team has listed some of the best insights of these jobs. But, to earn these jobs, an individual has to work hard and put in a lot of effort. However, to learn more about CA, visit CA Wizard.

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