How To Calculate Gematria? – 5 Steps

In Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah, words are given numerical values using a method called gematria. Gematria numbers, which means “geometry,” is a word derived from the Greek gematria. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is assigned a numerical value in Jewish gematria, and words are calculated by summing the values of their component letters.

There are many alternative ways to calculate gematria values, and various societies may place differing emphasis on particular words or calculating techniques. Many people think that particular words or phrases have mystical meanings based on their numerical values and that by comprehending these meanings; one can obtain a clearer understanding of the divine aspect of existence. Also, an online gematria calculator can also let you understand the gematria number sequence.


In this article, we will discuss how to calculate gematria easily by using the English gematria calculator.


Let’s have a look!

Types of Gematria:

Before calculating gematria using a gematria calculator or manually, you must go through the different types of it so that it can be easy to calculate it easily. Today, Hebrew, English, and Greek gematria are the three main varieties. The best option for your needs must be chosen because each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. The original and most popular variant is Hebrew gematria. It comprises 22 letters and is based on the Hebrew alphabet.


For complicated computations, this makes it incredibly accurate and simple to use. If you don’t speak the language well, it can be challenging to read and comprehend. Using the 26 letters of the English alphabet, English gematria is a more recent method that could be got a grip on by using the English gematria calculator by It is much simpler to read and comprehend because of this, although it is not as accurate as Hebrew gematria. You could have trouble locating resources and information on it because it’s not as commonly used.


The least popular version, Greek gematria, offers some advantages over the other two. It is more exact than English gematria since it makes use of all 24 Greek letters. In addition, Greek is a much shorter language than Hebrew, making Greek gematria simpler to read and comprehend. It isn’t as frequently utilized, though, as the other two methods.

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How Does Gematria Work?

Using a technique called gematria, letters are given numerical values in order to reveal hidden meanings in words and writings. Although it has been utilized in other holy writings as well, including the Greek Septuagint and the Hindu Vedas, the practice is most frequently linked to the Hebrew Scriptures. To better understand the writings, you are recommended to utilize the best gematria calculator in English.


Gematria can be utilized for a number of things, such as deciphering codes, locating hidden messages in texts, and foretelling the future. 


Bible makes future predictions, or even finds out what God’s hidden meanings are. Although there isn’t a single accepted way to gematria, there are a few popular methods. One common practice is to give each letter of the alphabet a number from 1 to 9, with Aleph (the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) being given the number 1 and Tav receiving the number 9.


Utilizing the Latin alphabet’s letter values is an alternative strategy. In this system, the values A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on are assigned. Regardless of the system you employ, gematria can be entertaining.

Gematria Calculator:

Words’ numerical values can be determined using an English gematria decoder. This number is based on alphabetic letters, where each letter has a matching number. A word or phrase’s numerical value can be determined using a calculator, and its meaning can then be deduced. Enter the word or phrase you wish to calculate into the calculator to start using it. After that, the calculator will compute and display the English Jewish gematria value as well as the English basic gematria value.

Gematria Decoder:

Words are found using a gematria decoder for a given gematria value. This number is based on alphabetic letters, where each letter has a matching number. A word or phrase’s numerical value can be determined using a calculator, and its meaning can then be deduced. Simply enter the desired decoded number to begin using the decoder. Then, the decoder will show a list of terms with values in both English Jewish and basic gematria that are comparable.

Gematria Effect:

When particular words or phrases are estimated based on their numerical values, a phenomenon known as the gematria effect occurs. These words and phrases are supposed to have hidden meanings when their numerical values are added up, and this effect is frequently observed in religious books like the Bible. Some people think that the gematria effect can be used to uncover hidden meanings in non-sacred writings as well. Whether or not the gematria effect exists, it’s a fascinating topic to investigate.

Final Words:

Well, these are some popular steps that help you to calculate gematria easily. All you need is to know about the different types of works of gematria so that you will be able to reach the steps to calculate gematria.

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