How to choose winter clothes for your baby?

Winter is coming and the weather is cold, so buying winter clothes for your baby has become an important thing. So how should mothers choose winter clothes for their babies?


  1. In winter, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying clothes for your baby. Don’t blindly buy good-looking ones, but also pay attention to the thermal performance of baby clothes.
  2. Buy warm base clothing for your baby. Why warm undergarments? Babies love to move, and if they don’t wear warm clothes, they need to wear a lot of clothes to keep them warm. This will hinder the baby’s activities.
  3. Choose fleece clothing. Fleece clothes are much warmer than normal winter clothes. The fleece is not only comfortable to wear, but also warm. Why not choose fleece clothes!
  4. Choose a thicker jacket. A thicker jacket is good protection from the cold. The wind in winter is icy and biting, so a thick coat is needed to keep warm and cold outside, so a thick coat is also essential!
  5. In short, when buying winter clothes for your baby, pay attention to choosing warm and thicker clothes. In such a cold winter, the baby is no longer afraid of the cold.

How to keep kids healthy through winter

In winter, the climate is cold, and the child’s cold tolerance is not strong, and the resistance is low. What can parents do to keep their children healthy through winter? You can also view at asos discount code NHS


  • Eat; in winter, give children more foods that are supplemented with vitamins, such as rice, flour, corn, animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, egg yolk, lean meat, and various fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, etc., and arrange a reasonable meal for the baby , so that the baby’s energy intake is balanced, the baby’s immunity is improved, the appropriate amount of water is added, and the occurrence of diseases is reduced;
  • Wear: In winter, you need to add clothes for your child reasonably. You must not blindly put three layers of cotton clothes and cotton pants on your child. You can judge by touching your child’s hands and feet. If your child’s hands and feet are warm and not sweating Indicate that the child’s body surface temperature is appropriate;
  • Living: In winter, pay attention to regular ventilation of the room and pay attention to the indoor temperature. Due to the heating problem, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will be too large, especially in the north. The closed windows and doors will lead to poor indoor air circulation. It is necessary to open the windows regularly to increase the indoor humidity. If the indoor temperature is too high, you can put a basin of cold water on the floor of your home;
  • Secondly, as a parent, you need to be cautious and cautious when choosing heating equipment for your child. For example, when choosing a hot water bottle, try to choose a hot water bottle with a higher safety factor for the child to ensure the safety of the child from the root;
  • OK: It is cold and dry in winter, and the skin is prone to dry, cracked and itchy skin. When going out, apply some skin cream properly, take measures to prevent cold, and put on warm socks, boots, gloves and hats for children;
  • Secondly, in winter, there are more chances for children to catch a cold or flu. As parents, you should try to avoid taking your children to crowded public places, such as movie theaters, shopping malls, etc. to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Outdoor sports: In winter, children can be allowed to do moderate physical exercise outdoors in the weather with sufficient sunlight and less wind, and bask in the sun properly, so that a solid body resistance can help children resist the cold winter. This is the most direct way to increase children’s physique. Exercise should be done gradually and according to one’s ability, the duration of exercise should not be too long, and children must not be wrapped in quilts and stay in bed “hibernation”, but parents need to set a reasonable time for outdoor exercise to avoid frostbite in children.


  • The above pictures are all from the Internet, and the above experiences are all from personal opinions. If you disagree, please correct me!

How to choose the right clothes for kids

Recently, there has been a boom in children’s clothing in the clothing market, and major brands have set foot in the field of children’s clothing. Faced with the children’s clothing market with many brands, how can savvy parents choose to reflect their own taste and make their children feel at ease and comfortable? You can also visit at new look discount code NHS


  1. One is to observe the appearance. When choosing children’s clothing, first check the signs on the clothing, check the trademark on the product, the Chinese factory name and address, the clothing size mark, the ingredient mark, the washing instructions, the certificate of conformity, the implementation standard number, the product quality level and the safety category. . Qualified children’s clothing, signs should be complete and standardized.
  2. The second is to distinguish the smell. When you open the package, you can smell it to see if there is a pungent odor. Some clothes will have a pungent odor due to the excessive formaldehyde content and pH value due to the additives added in the post-processing process, and some may have musty, gasoline and toxic due to improper storage or packaging pollution Smell.
  3. The third is to check the texture of the fabric. First, feel the texture of clothing fabrics by touch. Children’s clothing fabrics should be hygroscopic, breathable and soft; secondly, check the fiber content mark of clothing to determine the composition of clothing fabrics; then use the combustion method to identify the material of clothing fabrics. Ignite, smell the smell, observe the state of the flame and the form of the residue. The hair, velvet and silk have the smell of burning hair, and the cotton and hemp are white or gray ashes. Most of the synthetic fibers are hard lumps. For infants and young children, it is best to choose pure cotton clothing, and the color should be soft and light. You can also check the offers at pretty little things discount code NHS
  4. The fourth is to identify rope safety. When purchasing children’s clothing, carefully identify the safety of ropes, belts, buttons, etc. and whether there are sharp objects.


  • 【The color of children’s clothes】

 When parents buy clothes for their children, they must first judge the child’s body and skin color. For little girls with darker skin, parents should prefer high-brightness and high-purity clothing. Brightly colored clothing can make people feel eye-catching and spiritual. If the little girl has a brighter complexion, then she can adapt to a wider range of colors, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, people will look lively and bright, even wearing gray, black, people will look delicate and elegant, It gives people a feeling of “heavy makeup and light makeup are always suitable”.

Of course, there is no fixed format for the color matching of children’s clothing. Excessive stylization will appear dull and lifeless; but there are too many changes, and it is easy to appear very messy. The only purpose is to have a beautiful color scheme, look good, make everyone look comfortable, and match the child who is wearing it.  Check 90s fashion

  • 【About the styles of children’s clothing】

Children’s clothing, like adults’ clothing, is constantly updated and changed. Grasp the trend of children’s clothing and choose a few clothes that are suitable for your children to wear, so that children can wear them with taste, which reflects the taste of parents.

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