How to harness the power of Instagram guides for business

The Instagram guide is a feature that allows users to share and consume content via the platform. An Instagram guide lets you group posts under one theme and adds comments. Followers On Instagram

Click on the “guide icon” below each Instagram story to view other guides. The Instagram guide symbol is a newspaper symbol.You’ll then see the thumbnails for each Instagram Guide, the title and thumbnails of each guide, and how many posts were included in each direction. Click Here

You can share Instagram guides to Instagram stories by clicking the paper plane icon.

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Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner to create an Instagram guide. Click on “guide” to continue.

Then, you’ll need to choose from 3 categories.



This section is for Instagram guides and information about specific areas or locations. This is an example of a collection of Instagram posts about New York City.


This section is for Instagram guides that cover different products. You can use this category to promote multiple products or compile reviews about a product.


This category allows you to compile Instagram posts that are related. This category could be used to create a guide for vegan recipes or tips for dog training.

You can include posts in Instagram guides as part of your Instagram campaigns. These could be your posts, posts from other users, or both.

Once you have selected the posts you wish to include in your Instagram Guide, you will need to add a cover image, a title, and a description. Followers On Instagram

You should ensure that your title and description are keyword-rich, descriptive, and grab attention.

Avoid using generic titles like “recipes”. Be more specific and descriptive. You could use the example of “top 10 keto summer recipe” or “5 gluten-free cake recipes”.

You will need to select a cover photo from your Instagram feed. A customer cover photo cannot be uploaded.

When choosing a cover photo for your Instagram guide, ensure it best site to buy instagram followers paypal grabs attention and illustrates the purpose of the image. You shouldn’t pick any cover photo. This can help ensure your ads appear where you want them to. For instance, if yours is a mortgage business, do it through a mortgage staffing agency.

Guides on Instagram are a great marketing tool for Instagram.

It allows you to quickly curate content around a topic so people can consume multiple information and have conversations about it in one place. Followers On Instagram

Instagram guides are a great way to give your followers a 360-degree view of a topic. You can not only compile your posts, but you can also include posts from other accounts.

Guides can be used to help you categorize your Instagram posts based on their topic. You can create Instagram guides if you have published posts on various issues in the past few days.

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Another benefit of using Instagram guides for your Instagram marketing buy instagram followers paypal cheap strategy is that they can increase exposure to ensure your Instagram posts.

You might see posts you have created in an Instagram guide

Which may make them more visible to others. Your posts will get more engagement if you give them additional exposure.

The fourth benefit to using Instagram guides in your Instagram campaign is that they are more persuasive than standard posts because you can share more information. Followers On Instagram

If you want to promote an event, you can create an Instagram guide. It will include posts that cover everything: speaker bios, reviews and testimonials, descriptions of the event, topics discussed, as well as any other information you feel would help attract more attendees.

You could also use your Instagram guide to promote a product.

It could include product demos, coupon codes and product reviews. It is possible to have Instagram posts from other accounts that are positive about your product.

Instagram guides allow you to add posts from other users to your feed. To do this, tap on best place to buy instagram followers the save icon at the bottom right of the posts.

Instagram stories cannot be included in your Instagram guide. You can’t have IGTV videos and Instagram reels in your Instagram guide.

These are some tips to help increase your guide’s popularity on Instagram.

First, don’t make them take too much time if they aren’t necessary. Instagram users don’t want to scroll through a lot of posts.

Make sure your Instagram guides have a clear structure to entice people into scrolling. Followers On Instagram

Third, avoid repetitive posts. People will leave your Instagram guide if you do.

A fourth key to creating quality Instagram guides is ensuring each post is buy instagram followers paypal reddit consistent with the previous one. This is similar to a story with an end, middle and beginning.

The fifth secret to increasing your Instagram guide’s visibility is to share it on your stories or via direct messages.

To share your Instagram guide

Click on the paper plane icon. You can share your Instagram guide via direct message but not to everyone. This could come off as spammy. Followers On Instagram

You can also add a personal message to your Instagram account and invite others to share it.

Your message could be something like, “Hi, the first name. I just created an Instagram guide with vegan recipes you might be interested in. The recipes are simple and delicious. This guide is for anyone who might benefit. Please pass it on to others.

Download my free Instagram report entitled The Top 15 Instagram Marketing Strategies that Drive Traffic and Sales. Enter your email address, and I will instantly send you the information.

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