How YouTuber Dream Reveals His Dream Face

YouTuber Dream has over 40 million subscribers and 1.2 million followers on Twitch. He shared his new face for the first time on Sunday, and played up the reveal with a green screen and a cat. He also Facetimed with his friends and other Minecraft creators. His reveal received a lot of attention, and the internet went crazy with reactions.

Leaked picture

Dream Face Reveal – A leak of a YouTube star’s face has sparked a debate. Though Dream himself has never revealed his face on the internet, it is possible that the photo was leaked by accident. Dream has been known to make videos about Minecraft gameplay. However, before the face picture was leaked, his face was first exposed in an interview.

Dream, whose real name is Karl Jacobs, is not the only YouTube personality with a secret face. Another is the Corpse Husband, whose face was leaked online in October 2021. The fans are eager to see Dream’s face, but to no avail. So, what is Dream’s real face?

Dream has numerous supporters who support him. If this leaked YouTube dream face picture is not his own, then his fans should not be offended. However, if people are still making fun of him, they should be ashamed of themselves. People who are fatphobic need to look into themselves and consider their behavior.


If you’ve been following Youtuber Dream for any length of time, you’ve likely noticed the backlash he’s been receiving lately. His normal, unglamorous appearance has outraged many of his followers. The backlash isn’t the first time he’s been the subject of ridicule, either.

Dream has defended his comments about the controversy by stating that he never said he was racist. However, his recent tweets sparked an online backlash. A person of color called Dream out for “demonizing rap music in front of anti-black fans,” and he responded by saying he’s not supporting such sentiments.

The backlash came in two parts. First, a Twitter user named Armani tweeted her disapproval of the Mask song. Dream replied to her, saying that “art is art, and experience is experience.” But a few days later, a fan of Dream demanded that Dream take down her response, and Dream had to comply. Eventually, Dream removed the two tweets, and apologised for his comments on his private Twitter account. Fans reacted with mixed reactions to the rapper’s reply.

Impact on online community

YouTube’s new dream-face has become a sensation in the world of online videos. In a matter of two years, Dream has gone from having just 1 million subscribers to a staggering 30 million. In fact, Dream has achieved such rapid growth that he was named the top breakout star of 2020. In addition, he climbed the ranks to become the second most popular creator on the site. In addition to establishing himself as a star in his own right, Dream also founded his own group of fellow YouTubers called DreamSMP.

Although the Dream face has caused concern among fans, it is not the first time an anonymous creator has built up a following on YouTube. The tea drama channel SpillSesh and the celebrity-blind item page DeuxMoi have both gained a huge following through their videos. Both of these creators later revealed their identities after being discovered by creator Brian Feldman. However, Dream has remained anonymous until now.

Since Dream has not revealed his face to his fans, the hype about his appearance has been wildly popular. It has garnered over 30 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views. However, until the video went live, Dream’s face remained hidden from the internet community. In his next video, he announced that he would finally reveal his true face. The video went viral, with over one million viewers watching it live at one point.


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