Indiana Vasectomy: The Pros And Cons

A vasectomy is often used as a permanent form of birth control. To find out if this type of procedure is right for you, it’s important to understand the pros and cons before you commit to the procedure. Here are some things you may want to consider before scheduling an appointment with a urologist in Indiana.

Advantages Of Having A Vasectomy:

There are several advantages to having a vasectomy. For one thing, it is a safe procedure that has a low failure rate. For another, once you have had your vasectomy, you will no longer have to use condoms to prevent pregnancy or take any other form of birth control pills. Your sex drive won’t be affected by having a vasectomy, either. No matter what your reasons for deciding to have a vasectomy may be, consider all of your options before proceeding with the procedure. Once you’ve done that and made an informed decision about whether or not to go through with it, remember these advantages when preparing for your operation—and in dealing with any side effects after your procedure. You’ll soon see why most men claim their lives are improved by having a vasectomy!

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Disadvantages Of Having A Vasectomy:

Although vasectomies are nearly 100% effective, there are a few disadvantages to having one. One of these is that they’re not reversible—but that can be overcome by using other birth control methods like condoms or an IUD (intrauterine device). It’s also a costly procedure with an average price of $500; however, it can pay for itself within a couple of years through reduced or eliminated costs of other birth control methods. Some men have temporary pain in their testicles after surgery, but most say it’s well worth it for long-term results.

Questions To Ask Before Getting An IUCD:

How do I feel about birth control pills? How do I feel about barrier methods of birth control (condoms, diaphragms)? What risks would I be willing to take to prevent pregnancy? Are there any other reasons you might want an IUCD or permanent sterilization? Will you need an IUCD removed at some point in your life for a medical reason? (For example, if you become pregnant later.) If so, how will that affect your insurance coverage?


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