Make the heartbeat of your viewers.

If you can make your readers excited, angry emotional, excited, ….or other emotions, you’re more likely to convince them to be engaged. Do you believe me? Here’s evidence.

I wrote a snarky post on Facebook Messenger privacy a few years ago. It was an open-ended rant about the fact that people’s lives aren’t quite as important as they believe. It caused a lot of emotions for my readers. Most of them felt negative emotions. The majority of anger-related emotions.

In the past, this blog has been receiving more than 100 comments. Some were angry and claimed I was stupid. Others offered very insightful words on why it is essential to be able to guard their privacy.

The most important thing is that the content has engaged users, and content designed to get people to think and respond could do exceptionally great on Facebook.

This doesn’t mean ignoring Internet social etiquette. In reality, Facebook is showing more conversation-starters unique, relevant emotional content and requesting honest feedback click here.

You’ve probably noticed it with everything happening across the globe right now. The number of posts on social justice issues and requests for suggestions is increasing!

Find material that resonates with your readers, and then create articles that you believe will stir their emotions. The more people feel a connection with your content, the more likely they will be to take an interest in it.

Reciprocate engagement.

When you’re planning to increase your engagement, ensure you include your personal participation.

Respond to comments or like a page for followers and then post their comments (if it’s relevant to your company). When you do this, be aware of what people are reacting to and use it to your advantage.

Consider Facebook Ads.

You might have to pay for play to stop the spiraling Facebook pages.

Facebook ads are a great way to expose your blog’s content and content to new viewers and may even get some new Facebook fans. It is recommended to experiment with the combination of boosting your posts by making custom Facebook ads that reference your blog’s content and creating ads specifically designed to attract the most Facebook Page likes.

Combining these three using a spending budget of approximately $50 per month can create a massive impact.

Keep in mind that Facebook was created to earn money. Therefore they reward pages that promote them.

Wrapping It Up

On the final day, keep in mind that the use of Facebook is all about genuine engagement and a place for people to make connections.

Consider your Facebook page as a place filled with people you might not have met before. However, in this instance, as it’s a Facebook page, users aren’t permitted to initiate conversations. They’re only allowed to wait for you to make a comment and then respond to it.

Are the conversation-starters you’re tossing at them a worthy engagement?

To increase the visibility of your Facebook page well-known and increase your number:

  1. Make sure you set goals that force you to publish content people are interested in and likely to respond to.
  2. Look for topics that are interesting and perhaps a bit controversial.
  3. Make sure they are talking to each other and you.

The result is likely to be an increase in your engagement rates.

I hope this helps anyone who has noticed a decrease in their engagement on Facebook. If you have a practical suggestion, leave a comment to let others benefit from the experience.

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