MBBS In China At Top Medical Colleges 2023

How Do I Apply For MBBS Studies In China?

Students from around the world, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, who have completed Grade 12 or High School (F.Sc. / Intermediate / A-Level) are ready to study at a reputable medical university in their country or abroad to achieve their goal of becoming a doctor.

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In this article, we will simply guide you through the process of applying for MBBS in China through Scholarships International:

The first step is to select the university where you want to study MBBS In China 2023. The first step is to select the first university where you want to study MBBS. However, since you are not familiar with the names and rankings of universities, Scholarships International will help you select a university that meets your requirements (click here to see the list of universities approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Association – PMC, Medical Council of India – MCI / National Medical Council – NMC and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council – BMDC).

After selecting an appropriate university, visit the official website or send scanned documents to International Scholarships to apply for admission to MBBS in China. Make sure the documents you submit are scanned and not photographed with a cell phone. Incomplete or incorrect documents will result in disqualification.

Once you have submitted all documents and paid the $50, you can sit back and let Scholarships International’s specialists submit your application for admission to the MBBS program in China (our specialists will keep you updated on the status of your application).

After submitting your application, you will receive an acceptance letter within a few days and you will also receive a JW202 visa application from the Chinese ministry (however, due to Covid-19, students cannot travel to China yet. If the situation improves, the Chinese embassy or consulate will give you a student visa and you can travel to China).

Once you are successfully accepted to study MBBS in China, you will be responsible for your own entrance fees and university tuition. Scholarships International will also help you with university tuition if needed, depending on your financial costs and the RMB university you choose.

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Documents needed to study MBBS in China:

Here is the list of scanned documents needed to apply for MBBS study in China:

1-to-11-page passport copy.

1 to 1 copy of the 1 to 11 MBBS application form.

SSC and HSC certificates and transcripts (matriculation certificates and F.Sc/O-Levels and A-Levels certificates).

Form for medical examination abroad (latest version).

Negative declaration without criminal character (latest)

A current bank statement showing a bank balance of $6,000 or more (own bank account or family account, e.g., parents).

Detailed resume with name, age, occupation, employment, and contact information of both parents/guardians.

Click here for detailed instructions on applying for the 2022 Chinese government scholarship.


In China, a minimum of 60% (matriculation and F.Sc/O-Levels and A-Levels) is required for admission to the MBBS.

Universities represented by Scholarships International are currently accredited by WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER, WCAME and ECFMG and are also listed on the PMC A-List. If the university you have been admitted to loses its accreditation in the future for any reason, Scholarships International will not be held responsible.

While studying in China, we ask that you respect the laws of the university and/or China, refrain from fighting or inappropriate behavior on or off campus, and ensure 90% attendance.

The University reserves the right to accept or reject any application and reserves the right to expel a student if conditions are not met.

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