Microsoft Office Word 2007 – Watermark

Microsoft Office Word 2007 allows you to add a watermark to the page background. Watermarks are often used to protect the copyright of a document.

To add a watermark to a document, select Page Layout Watermark.

You can choose a pre-designed watermark from the Watermark drop-down menu. Microsoft Office Word 2007 offers several pre-designed watermarks such as Confidential, Do Not Copy, Important and ASAP. If you want to use a pre-designed watermark, you need to click on it. After clicking on a particular pre-drawn watermark, the watermark will appear in the background of the page.

You can also create a custom tag for the document. Before creating a featured image, you must select a custom watermark image from the Watermark drop-down menu. After selecting a custom watermark, the Custom Watermark dialog box appears. Microsoft Office Word 2007 allows you to create a text or image watermark. To watermark an image, you need to select an image from your computer, select the Image Watermark option, and click the Select Image button. After selecting the image, the path is displayed in the dialog box and the OK button is enabled.

If you want to use text with the watermark image,

you must select the Watermark text option. You must select a language from the Language drop-down menu. From the Font drop-down menu, you can choose a font from the text watermark. Select the text watermark font from the Size drop-down menu. In the Layout field, you need to choose where the text watermark will be displayed. You can choose from two watermark positions, including horizontal and vertical. After filling in all the fields, click OK to add the watermark to the document.

The first step in watermarking is to find the software that best suits your needs. If it is necessary to work with several images, it is recommended to find software that allows you to group remove watermark from video software and images create thumbnails.

The next step is to select the watermark

The size and position of the mark. It’s like your signature, so once you’ve chosen a particular brand, you have to stick with it. If you want to protect your photos, remember that the more intrusive they are, the harder it is to steal them. On the other hand, the image also becomes difficult to see. There are several watermark types to choose from: general text, specific text, date, copyright or image.

The text-only watermark just tells everyone who owns the photo. Common examples include words like “example”, “demo” or “unused”. A unique text watermark is just text that identifies you as the owner.

The date watermark speaks for itself.

It records the date but does not identify the owner. The copyright watermark is now one of the best ways to use it because it shows that you own the rights to the image. Photo watermarks are mostly used for people with company logo.

With your personalized watermark in hand, you’re now ready to work with your photos. It’s best to keep the original and make a backup. Save them not only on your hard drive, but also the originals on a CD or DVD. Save the images you want to watermark in a separate folder.

If you have a lot of images that you want to add a watermark to, it’s best to do it in batches. If not, work with them separately, allowing for better quality control. It also gives you a chance to choose a good spot for your highlight, as sometimes your photo’s watermark can be hidden or vice versa. If this happens, you can use transparency to lighten the mark. Your work will also look more professional. You may also want to consider not placing the watermark in an area that may have corners or edges cut off. Sometimes it is better to place it above the image or above an important part of the image. For more information visit our website

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