Pack your delicious bakery items in custom macaron boxes

Pack your delicious bakery items in custom macaron boxes

All the bakery items, including macarons, have to be taken care of. Macarons are delicate. They are the cookies that melt into the mouth. They need such protection that does not ruin her delicacy and also maintains its delectable aroma and freshness.

For this purpose, companies have come up with the production of custom macaron boxes wholesale. They are made in various ways but with a unique distinction. And the better part is these boxes can be used to pack other bakery items too!

Why custom macaron boxes?

The reasons why you should choose custom macaron boxes for the packaging of your scrumptious bakery items are laid down below.

❖      Preservation

For products like fragile and beautiful macaroons, the packaging should be strong and sturdy but should be eye-catching at the same time. The boxes are made of cardboard, kraft paper, and fiberboard material used in packaging. But, by adding some features these simple packaging boxes turn into insanely gorgeous and classy-looking macaron boxes. The surface can be glossed, glazed, and beautified accordingly. Custom macaron boxes keep the items inside securely placed in them due to their stiffness and strength.

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❖      Largely customizable

The surface of the boxes can very easily be transformed into what you have on your mind. They can get multiple types of printing done on them and can be used as an attraction tool for customers. Sometimes light colored macaroons are stored in beautiful pastel-colored boxes. And dark-colored macaroons are kept in velvety shades. This feature made them look two times more attractive and compels the viewers to buy them. The boxes by aligning parchment on the inside can be made to attract royalties to them too.

❖      Price to your comfort

Reading all the fancy qualities that these packaging boxes have to offer a thing comes to mind. And that is that they must be highly expensive. However, it is completely deniable. The material used in the production of custom macaron boxes is recycled and recyclable. This makes it easily approachable and not heavy on your pocket. These boxes serve you without demanding much back. They are the way to achieve your bakery and café business goals.

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❖      Intricately designed

Macaron boxes are made appealing by making literal worlds of themes that the packaging boxes reflect outside. These boxes can be printed with floral patterns when they enclose brightly colored macaroons inside. They leave lasting impressions.

Types of custom macaron boxes

There are a huge variety of types of macaron boxes. Although the customization of these boxes is available there are some designs, shapes, and sizes of the boxes that are commonly in use. Those have been described below.

❖      Sliding macaron boxes

Having the top part fixed but the inner one sliding out is the first type that is used for the creative packaging of macaroons. Here, we need to make clear that not only macaroons but other forms of cookies and chocolates and other bakery items can also be stored in them. They make the items look way more alluring than they are.

❖      Top lid boxes

Usually, when the bigger amount of these sweet treats is to be served the top lid boxes are preferred. They are spacious and can enclose a large number of treats in them. They also help in presentations for your café or bakery. They can be made into window-lidded boxes where your scrumptious bakery items are visible from the top.

❖      Flip open macaron boxes

The flip-opening macaron box is the oldest yet most used design in the industry. Having partitions in the boxes can help you fit multiple kinds of bakery items in the boxes at the same time. They can be made durable just by adding layers of corrugated sheets and be used for heavier bakery items.

Additional advantage

While making your physical or online baking business flourish with its beauty and usefulness. The custom macaron boxes give away another benefit. They are made up of almost 100% biodegradable material and can easily be recycled; they are a benefit in times of crisis. This feature helps the earth and also costs low to the people preferring the use of these boxes in their baking businesses

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