Realtors: Using Video Marketing

Real estate is a fast-paced profession where you should stay ahead of your competitors. HD screens are a way to show current and potential customers that you are on the cutting edge of real estate marketing. One of the most common questions we get from new online video technology brokers is how best to use their HD display to increase sales and acquire new customers?

One term that best describes what an HD display can do for a broker or real estate agent is “exposure.” A good video is one thing, but it’s not much use if it’s just sitting on your hard drive. We’ve come up with the top five ways to increase your property’s visibility on our HD screen.

1. Electronic newsletter

Almost every real estate agency in Australia has some form of email list to post new listings and communicate with potential buyers and sellers. This should be your first stop whenever you create a new video. Our HD demo can be embedded in a simple email and sent to all potential customers of your company. You can instantly expose your real estate video to hundreds if not thousands of potential eyes.

2. Facebook

Every agency must have a Facebook page and profile. A free service like Facebook that connects millions of potential customers can be a goldmine for agents. Our HD shows work seamlessly with Facebook and can be played directly on your friend’s homepage. Send a message to all your Facebook friends and see the view.

3. Twitter

Twitter is the world’s newest Social Media Marketing Perth , but don’t let that fool you. Combined with our real estate videos, Twitter can be useful to increase market awareness in your area. Tweet it to your followers every time you make a new HD video and eventually you’ll start spreading the word. Twitter is the perfect app for spreading the word because it makes it easy for people to find out what you’re up to at any time. Show people that you are changing the real estate game and offer quality services with our video links.

4. Network integration

Our real estate videos and broker profiles are 100% web-friendly and can be played on any browser or mobile device. Why not embed your new video right on your front page? Every time a visitor arrives on your website, they see what their property’s market position might be, or if they’re in the market to buy, they get an idea of ​​what to expect from your office by default.

5. Printing material

While we only focus on online advertising, we understand that some agents don’t want to run all of their print campaigns (yet). If you’re going to use more traditional marketing tools, why not include video links in your copy. This allows readers who want to learn more about you or the property to go directly to the video. Increase your income without changes.

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