Richest Fictional Characters Of All Time

Carlisle Cullen (Stephanie Meyers Twilight)

Stephenie Meyer’s collection of books and films may be pretty polarizing due to the fact humans either love or hate it. While Meyer got loads of factors wrong about vampires, what he did right about them is that they may be filthy rich. Of course, if you live to be over 350 years vintage like Carlisle Cullen, you’ll be mad that she is not as wealthy as she is.

With an envisioned internet worth of $ forty-six billion, Carlisle Cullen is one of the richest fictional characters of all time. Being as old as he is, he is allowed to accrue his wealth by counting on the compound hobby of all his assets. Of direction, it took him approximately 4 centuries to allow interest to keep compounding, and that makes several sense.

Oliver Warbucks (Little Orphan Annie)

Oliver Warbucks isn’t as well-known as the alternative characters in this list, but make no mistake approximately the fact that he’s truely a pretty wealthy character. The story of Warbucks is pretty heartwarming as he has to change his approaches while a bit girl is ready to influence him to be more generous.

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Before that, however, Oliver Warbucks earned his money as a defense contractor, imparting his weapons to the American government. Because we know that the most important and biggest military pressure within the international occurs to be in the US, it’s clear to understand why Warbucks has an internet well worth $36.2 billion.

Ming The Merciless (Flash Gordon)

Those who grew up in the ’80s understand the conventional character named Flash Gordon, who stars in a display named after himself. Of route, you’ll also be familiar with Gordon’s enemy Ming the Merciless.

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Even though Ming’s wealth isn’t regularly the situation of the Flash Gordon series, the fact that the man owns his planet and makes cash via the interplanetary slave change is all you need to know how rich he’s. However, even an entire planet doesn’t make him wealthier than the six others on this list. Ming the Marseilles has a predicted net worth of $21 billion.

Mother (Futurama)

When we examine cool animated film comedy that suggests characteristic filthy rich characters, we often imagine Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. However, what you ought to know is that Futurama’s mother is a Mr. Burns who’s worse and some distance wealthier than Mr. Burns.

Mom has an anticipated internet worth of $15.7 billion, which she was capable of making as the evil CEO of a large company that controls the complete universe. Of course, as evil, as she is, Mama is likewise one of the primary antagonists of the complete Futurama series.

Artemis Fowl Ii (Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl)

Say what you need about a poorly rated Artemis Fowl film, but the e-book collection is certainly a piece of art due to how interesting the story is. The primary man or woman is, of the path, Artemis Fowl II, the person after whom the series is called.

Artemis II is frequently defined as one of the smartest guys of his generation, and this explains why he’s so wealthy. But the difference is that this guy is truly a thief who steals valuable artifacts. This is the purpose why he has a predicted internet well worth $13.5 billion.

Tony Stark Aka Iron Man (Marvel Comics)

We can in no way forget approximately Marvel’s resident genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist who was one of the first to debut the Avengers. Tony Stark, or Iron Man, is a superhero who essentially makes use of his genius mind and money to invent and spend all of the exceptional gadgets and suits he makes use of to fight villains.

While movies frequently portray him as a person who can essentially have enough money all of it, his $12.Four billion net worth isn’t an awful lot compared to the actual-life billionaires we’ve in modern-day global. Huh. Still, the reality that he is aware of how to use his cash for exact is what makes him more particular than any actual-global billionaire.

Jay Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby)

J Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald’s traditional novel The Great Gatsby is set throughout the first half of 1900. Of course, the subject of the story revolves around Jay Gatsby’s ridiculous wealth.

There is no clear reason why Jay Gatsby changed into rich, but organized crime is one manner he was able to amass his wealth. Regardless of how wealthy he is, Gatsby has a net worth of $11.2 billion.

Lex Luthor (Dc)

To be the arch nemesis of arguably the finest superhero of all time, you need to be clever and quite rich, especially in case you do not have superpowers of your very own. This is where Lex Luthor comes in as the wealthiest supervillain on this listing.

In the comics, it became now not constantly clear how Luthor may want to amass his wealth, however, many testimonies say that he’s a self-made billionaire. Of route, because Luther is a confirmed genius, it is simple for a person of his intelligence to be as wealthy as he is. I wish he used his brain to keep the sector performing for li. Still, Lex Luthor is on the listing with a net worth of $10 billion, which is enough to offer some problems to a superman like H.


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