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The outgoing mail servers connected with free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo) differ substantially from an email marketing server. If running a large-scale email marketing campaign, you need a reliable digital platform to ensure all your emails are sent. Therefore, a well-designed email marketing server can deal with persistent volume without slowing down. Moreover, it will ensure that all emails get sent to their designated inboxes rather than being held up by ISP limits or spam filters.

Remember that a successful email marketing server targets only opt-in recipients. To rephrase, you should never send newsletters or mass emails to a list of random addresses; doing so is terrible for your company’s reputation and marketing efforts. Instead, you should always get permission before sending out any mass email.

Benefits of Email Marketing Server

One of the first web tools, email marketing, is also one of the most effective and affordable ways to brand your business and products on a digital platform. What follows are some of the most salient advantages of the present trend:

·         Efficiency and Simplicity

The usage of email marketing is simple. Newsletter campaigns may be made quickly and easily with the help of specialized tools. Emails sent in bulk seldom encounter issues, and their intended recipients always get their messages. No significant effort is required to provide informative material and promotional offers to specific demographics.

·         Accessibility

dedicated email marketing server offers you the most popular communication method in the commercial sphere and personal relationships. In addition, email marketing is a practical approach for reaching out to vast swaths of the target audience and branding your business.

·         Evaluation and Improvement

Several opens, clicks, conversions, unsubscribe rates, and other metrics may be used to gauge the success of digital marketing. In addition, the collected information is utilized to fine-tune the effectiveness of future initiatives. For example, altering the content or switching up the delivery time (day/night) are possibilities.

·         Versatility

Customers may be reached through email in several different methods, including the promotion of goods and services (including the use of coupons), the dissemination of news and announcements, the presentation of promotional offers, and the provision of helpful information. As a result, sales and customer retention may both benefit from the services of an email marketing server.

·         Security

The vast majority of people consider newsletters to be a safe and reliable method of contact. Certified mail and multiple opt-in processes guarantee confidentiality. To ensure that no unwanted messages are included in any emails, the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) has established stringent security rules that must be followed.

Astonishing Attributes of Email Marketing

In addition to the well-established benefits and outstanding features of an email marketing server for a digital platform, cutting-edge trends and technological advancements make it possible for marketing strategies to change in response to customers’ actions. This allows businesses to tailor their plans better to meet their clientele’s demands. Let’s go through some recent developments in email advertising.

·         Automation And Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to automation and artificial intelligence, as well as the analysis of massive amounts of data, email marketing campaigns, can be tailored to each user’s actions and interests. Moreover, it allows businesses to reach their customers with relevant messages at the right moment. Artificial intelligence systems can gather and analyze large amounts of data and then produce content automatically, depending on the findings. To increase the likelihood of a successful advertising campaign, everything down to the best time to deliver to a specific group or individual receivers is planned.

·         Tailoring And Categorising

Beyond just adding a greeting to an email, personalization is becoming a significant trend. Users’ personal information is used with demographic statistics and other demographic information to tailor the newsletter’s tone, topics, and style to each audience segment. This information allows the mailing list to be divided into smaller subsets, each of which may get tailored messages. In the future, this may extend beyond mass campaigns to cater to the specific interests of individual consumers on a digital platform.

·         New and Engaging Features

Emailed animated GIFs and short films are becoming more common. Having a unique look and feel may help a product stand out from the crowd. While GIFs and videos may add some personality to a page, they should be utilized sparingly, and too busy designs should be avoided. Unfortunately, not all mobile devices can play every kind of video.

Emails with embedded games or other forms of interactive material are also increasing, giving birth to the term “Gamification.” The interactive quizzes and other activities included here provide a stern test to the user. Of course, completing a game may give you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment, and extra rewards like gift certificates for your efforts are always welcome. But sometimes, it’s more beneficial to employ a material that actively engages the visitor, like a series of click-through tabs or an email survey to complete.

·         An Email Has A Higher Conversion Rate.

Customers who get email promotions spend 138% more than those who do not consider purchasing things promoted via email. Return on investment (ROI) calculations show that an email marketing server may net a whopping 4,400%. That’s a significant deal! If you believe social media is more effective, consider that emails have an average order value at least three times greater than social media. Email marketing with the best dedicated email server is the most effective method for generating revenue from internet outlets.

·         Statement Regarding Confidentiality

Information security is still essential. Clear messages notifying recipients that advanced data protection procedures are employed to safeguard their privacy are crucial, as are adherence to and maintenance of existing laws and regulations of a digital platform.


Email marketing is the most effective and widely used digital platform for reaching an audience. Due to its excellent return on investment and low learning curve, this advertising is widely used. The best and most reasonably priced customer relationship management system (CRM) includes an email marketing interface for effective client management. To assist you in building a stronger clientele, Navicosoft offers a customer relationship management (CRM)-based email marketing platform.

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