Last week, my boss asked me to London for a business trip. When I deplaned, I suffered the time lag badly. I dragged my luggage into a taxi when the driver smiled at me. Seeing his smile, I felt a little better. At least, I didn’t feel so cold in London’s winter. When we arrived at the hotel, the driver said to me in the rear mirror “enjoy this month, Ms.” I was a little puzzled. However, I was too tired to think what he meant. After checking in and entering my room, I fell asleep quickly.

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I had a sound sleep. When I woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast in the hall. I finally understood what the driver meant. It was already December and Christmas was coming. The dining hall had already been decorated by bells and red stocks and cedars. The driver was right. I should enjoy this month. It was Christmas month. After dealing with the business, I thought about my family. How many days hadn’t I spent time with them? How many years hadn’t I picked out the gifts for www.writerspakistan.comthem myself? Maybe this time I could give them a Christmas surprise.

I went to a shopping mall immediately. Emily, my younger daughter, was so naughty. She liked playing with snow, but every time she would tremble with cold. I chose a pair of red UGG boots and a red coat for her. This winter, she may become a happy small Santa Clause in snow. The UGG boots and the coat were woolen. My little angel would not feel cold any more. My second daughter, Jane, was sixteen years old and she was a little rebellious. She liked rock music so much and I had many times seen those posts on her bedroom walls. She was one of those Punks and I couldn’t understand why a girl like her would like human skeleton so much. However, this didn’t matter then. I bought her an Ed Hardy jacket. The shop assistant told me that the Ed Hardy was popular among teenagers. Lisa, my eldest daughter, was admitted into Stanford last year. Actually, I owed her a promise. I was absent when the whole family was holding a celebration for her. She had grown up, so I brought her a Tiffany key. The key was heart shaped and I hoped that she would feel my love for her.

When thinking of my husband, Pau

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l, I bought him a Cartier watch. His watch was broken. He was as busy as I was, so he didn’t have time to buy a new one. I hoped that every time he looked at the time, the watch would remind him of me and my love for him. And Cartier is famous for its watch and it was worth of Paul.Now I am looking for the Christmas Eve and I want to be the first one to say “Merry Christmas” to them.


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