The Best Salts In 2022-23

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At first glance, salt seems like a simple ingredient. Most people have been using it as a seasoning since childhood. However, salt has many uses, not just for flavoring food. Salt is not so simple as there are many different types, colors, brands and functions.

Sicilian SoSalt coarse sea salt for cooking

SoSalt sea salt (coarse salt) is a special product from the ancient salt fields of Trapani and Marsala. It has a wide range of uses and is a must for spice lovers. It tastes delicious, not bitter, gives each dish a distinctive salty flavor and is ideal for use, for example, in pickled olives.

Its roughness is due to its unique drying method, which combines crystal water, wind and sun. However, if you prefer a finer texture, a salt mill would be appropriate. The different uses and flavors make this salt ideal for cooking.

It is ideal for grilling. Fine sea salt from La Valène

La Balène fine sea salt

This French sea salt has been produced in the salt fields of Aigues-Mortes in the Camargue since pre-Roman times. It crystallizes naturally under the influence of the sun and the sea breeze.

This fine, unrefined salt crystal is popular with chefs, especially pastry chefs, for its fineness and ease of use in everything they prepare. It melts like a dream, mixes better with food and adds flavor with the addition of sodium.

The best kitchen salt Redmond Original Sea Salt Shaker

Most of the other salts on this list come from faraway places. This salt comes from Utah, where geologists say it was mined from an ancient inland sea during the Jurassic period. It has been protected from erosion and pollution for millions of years thanks to a layer of bentonite, and more than 60 trace elements give it a beautiful pink color and a clean, mild flavor with a hint of sweetness. Different versions of Redmond Salt are available, but it is easy to use this cup as an everyday salt.

Best kosher salt Diamond Crystal kosher salt

Kosher salt is called kosher salt because the crystals are usually the perfect size for removing salt from meat during kosher dipping. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is a favorite of some and it’s not hard to see why. It is a fairly flat and fine kosher salt (unlike other brands of rock salt). It has a completely neutral taste and is perfect for all kinds of applications.

The best finishing salt is Maldon sea salt flakes.

Looking for a great salt to sprinkle over your Insta food? Look to Maldon salt. Chefs and foodies have probably seen it once or twice before. These pyramid-shaped salt grains come from the coast of England and are naturally processed with traditional long-handled rakes, gaining a reputation for their unique texture and flavor. Some chefs even travel with a small bottle of Maldon salt just in case.

The best Himalayan salt:

Thrive Market Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt was introduced to mass retailers by Trader Joe’s in 2009. Most of the salt comes from the Kefra salt mine in Punjab, between Islamabad and Lahore. While some people claim that this salt is healthier than other salts, most scientists agree that it only works well in pink.1 Still, it’s a nice color to have in your kitchen, and this option at Thrive Market stands out for its clean taste and uses. Critics love it. Put it in a salt mill or use it like this. If you’re looking for Himalayan salt, this is the salt for you.

We tested the best measuring spoons – these are our favorites.

For truffle lovers, a good truffle salt is a must. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle and Smoked Sea Salt is a beautiful Sicilian sea salt mixed with small pieces of real black summer truffles. Ideal for eggs, popcorn, meat, chips and pasta, this truffle salt will serve you well. At unbeatable prices many internet users love this salt and only need a little bit of it.

Ideal for storage and salting Hoosier Hill Farm Prague Powder No 1 Pink Curing Salt

Pink salt and pink Himalayan salt is not exactly the same thing. Firstly, they are not suitable for use in food and nitrites are used specifically to cure meat and prevent botulism2, but they can be used to preserve and age a wide variety of cooked meats, including jerky, bacon, fish, ham, bacon and even corned beef.

This option from Indiana-based Hoosier Hill Farm is highly regarded for its price, effectiveness and unique flavor. Many reviewers say this salt is very strong, so be sure to follow the recipe. After all, less is more.

Best for margaritas Carava Gourmet Margarita Lime Salt

This salt is made by grinding and blending only natural sea salt and lime that has evaporated in the sun of the Pacific Northwest. It’s perfect for Margarita Night (or Bloody Mary Brunch). Lime adds complexity and flavor to even the most brilliant margarita (and makes the not-so-easy margaritas even easier). When you’re not drinking cocktails, it’s also a great accompaniment to chicken, beans, salads, and rice.

Ideal for margarita mixes.

Perfect for steaks Jacobsen Salt Company Infused Sea Salt Black Pepper

Looking for a specialty salt for Kobe or Wagyu beef? Jacobsen Salt Co. is hand-harvested in Neters Bay on the Oregon coast and has won many fans for its consistency, clean, mild flavor and just the right amount of spice. With freshly ground Tellicherry black peppercorns, this salt goes with just about anything.

The dietitian’s choice for steak on delivery

Best for popcorn The Spice House Popcorn Collection

The Spice House Popcorn Collection

Everyone wants popcorn that’s perfect for their taste. From cheese flavors to garlic flavors and spices, this collection from The Spice House has something for everyone. The spice pack includes creative flavor combinations such as Balkan Fire Salt, a blend of maple and chilli paste, shallots and paprika. Customers appreciate not only the beautiful packaging but also the taste of the salt, which does not require butter, oil or extra spices.

Final verdict

For those looking for an all-purpose salt with a relatively mild flavor or for those who prefer a coarser texture, Salt Sea Salt (see on Amazon) is an excellent choice. We like Hoosier Hill Farm’s Pink Curing Salt (see on Amazon) for its unique flavor.

What to look for in salt


There’s a salt for every purpose. In addition to all-purpose salt for cooking, there are specialty salts. Salting and storing requires salt that protects food and prevents bacterial spoilage, and pink salt, also known as Prague powder, is one such salt. Not to be confused with pink Himalayan salt, which is used for finishing or sprinkling over food? Edge salt is also used to decorate the rim of glasses for cocktails, such as margaritas.


Salt can taste neutral, sweet or salty. Non-iodized salt has a cleaner taste than iodized salt, as the iodine imparts a slight metallic taste, but both salts are usually suitable for cooking. The taste of the salt itself also depends on whether it is refined or unrefined salt. The common fine table salt is the most neutral in terms of taste, as most of the impurities have been removed.

If you want to add both saltiness and flavor to your food, you can choose from a wide range of flavored salts, from salt and pepper blends to popcorn salt, which impart unusual flavors.


The texture of salt makes a big difference. Table salt comes in the form of fine cubes or flakes. Fine salt dissolves easily, making it perfect for baking. Coarse salt is often preferred when cooking because it is easier to take a pinch with your fingers and add to food than fine table salt and it sticks better to ingredients.

Kosher salt is coarse salt with flat grains. Flake salt is salt crystals that are essentially cubes and have become flat. Flaked salt adheres better to food, dissolves more quickly, and mixes more easily.

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