The Nauseating Truth About Manicure Table

It’s always a good idea to make your nail shop look better. A facelift for your salon will be like a breath of fresh air, whether you decide to paint the walls or buy new furniture and fixtures. A little remodeling will not only get your salon staff excited and motivated, but it will also impress your current customers and bring in new ones.

First, spend money on a brand-new manicure table. Manicure nail tables are essential to the success of a nail salon and the nail technicians who work there. There are many different styles and sizes of tables, which makes it hard to choose the right one. Consider things like portability, design, and how well it works.

In this article, we talk about one of the newest tables from the Sonoma Collection and give tips on choosing a manicure table.


Like everything else in life or business, the quality of your new manicure tables depends on how much money you have. A good nail table for manicures is not too expensive, which is good news. Figure out how much you can spend before you go shopping. Your options will be restricted as a result. We have a wide range of high-quality manicure tables, from a simple portable table for $105 to a table with a glass top and a fan for $630.


Before making a decision, think carefully about the quality. It will help if you protect your new nail region from dirt and liquids. Try to find a nail table with a finish that won’t come off with acetone or one made of granite. A melamine nail table is cheap and won’t scratch.


The size of the nail area is directly related to how many manicured tables your business can fit. A manicure table that folds up is a great choice if you don’t have much space. The set of three desks is also available to buy. Suppose you own a nail salon and need all your technicians to work simultaneously. In that case, a triple manicure table is a space-saving way to get everyone to work simultaneously.


Your nail technician’s time is the most important thing in terms of how well it works. Do the tables have enough space for you to spread out your nail tools and polishes? Some of the most important questions to ask about how something works are:

  • Depending on the answer, how many levels of storage would you need?
  • Ask yourself: Can the therapist put their wrist on the table without pain? • Does the therapist have enough space to get on and off the table?
  • “Is it simple to clean?” Spills are inevitable.
  • Do you have air circulation? Manicure tables with built-in dust, nail-particle, and chemical-vapor extraction should be given a serious thought. Manicure tables can be made with fans or vents that let the fumes go outside.
  • Is it easy to work at the table? Since nail techs spend a lot of time at the manicure table, it must be the right height for them. You don’t want to buy a new chair because you forgot to measure the seat height first.
  • Some manicure tables have a built-in hole for an LED table lamp, which helps clean the tabletop and gives the nail tech enough light to do their job.
  • Can you lock the wheels on your mobile nail table? If you can’t secure your table, it doesn’t matter how mobile you are.


The “style” of the table depends on your tastes and the overall theme of your salon or spa. Think about how the color and style of your new manicure table will go with the rest of the furniture in your salon.

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