Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Best Women’s Perfume

Choosing a fragrance as a gift for someone else is a very thoughtful process and shows that you really care about the recipient just as much as you care about yourself. This is because fragrances are very personal and therefore understanding someone else’s preferences shows that you think about them and understand their needs. Well, whether you are doing it for yourself or for someone else, then getting the right fragrance choice will go a long way in making your presence appreciated and noticeable.

Understanding the Different Notes and Scents

Fragrances have character and this arises from the notes based on the chemicals and oils used to make them. Notes can range from spicy, woody and eve gourmand. Spicy fragrances tend to have warm notes and are great for outdoor setting and cooler climates. If you want to easily stand out, then a spicy note will go a long way in getting you noticed and turning heads in no time.

Gourmand fragrances tend to have attractive scents that makes you just want to eat it. You can feel some caramel or vanilla in the fragrance and they are quite popular for romantic settings. They also tend to be quite demure and therefore many women prefer them just before bed.

Why You Need to get the Fragrance Concentration Right

Getting the right concentration of fragrance is a skill any woman should intimately know. You have probably been somewhere where someone leaves a very heavy scent that turns people uncomfortable. It’s not that the scent is bad, but a heavy scent can easily pervade a room, making everyone else feel uncomfortable.

When choosing a perfume, check for its longevity, as this refers to how long the perfume will linger once you leave. For outdoors settings, a longer longevity is okay so long as you are on the move and you might stay outdoors for longer hours. There’s therefore a difference in longevity between the following fragrance types:

Eau de toilette have a 8-15% concentration and are ideal for indoor settings. They are fresher but don’t last as long.

Colognes are fresher, featuring a concentration of 3-5% of oil concentration. They have hints of citrus and herbs.

Eau de parfum which is denser, warmer and heavier with about 12-20% concentration. These are great for outdoors and since they are heart notes, they are best worn in very little volumes and should be applied on lymph nodes.

Testing Out your Preferred Scent

Now that you know what different fragrances and concentrations there are, it’s time to test them out at the store. Luckily, most perfume stores have testing stations and testers where you can get a smaller version of your preferred perfume and dab a bit of it on your wrist or neck. The trick is to let it stay for about 5 minutes which allows you time to walk around the store or to read the contents on the bottle. Within 5 minutes you can easily tell which note is perfect for you based on how your wrist smells.

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