What Is a Lifestyle Party

Taking the concept of a party to the extreme can have its benefits, but you also run the risk of being judged for having too much fun, like in the case of these lifestyle parties. This type of party goes beyond the traditional definition of what makes for a good time and defines the idea of an event by simply creating an experience that stands out from any other you’ve experienced before. If you want to learn more about lifestyle parties and why people are drawn to them, keep reading as we break down this trend and give you some tips on throwing your own lifestyle party.

Why People Throw Parties

Parties are about connecting people and creating memories. Lifestyle parties, as the name suggests, focus on bringing people together based on their lifestyles. They’re an opportunity to enjoy meeting new people and discovering what they have in common. It’s time to shake up your weekend routine! Whether you’re a runner, an amateur chef or a wine connoisseur, there’s probably a lifestyle party for you.

And it couldn’t be easier: sign up for the event that suits you best, show up at the venue on Friday evening (or Saturday afternoon) and spend the rest of your day chatting with other like-minded folk. You’ll be part of a community of like-minded folks who share your passion—and no one has to know you don’t actually drink wine because it doesn’t go well with cheese.

Lifestyle Party

How To Throw a Lifestyle Party

You may be throwing the first of many lifestyle parties, or you might want to learn more about what one entails. It’s not just about crudité́ and cocktails; this type of event should be a reflection of your personal style and will help make your guests feel welcome in your home. To throw an unforgettable life-style party, plan for about two hours per person: 2 hours to arrive (the later, the better), 2 hours for mingling and chatting over appetizers, 1 hour for dinner and clean-up. Here are some tips on how to throw an authentic lifestyle part while incorporating your own style with thoughtful touches to enhance the celebration.

2 Tips for Throwing An Awesome Lifestyle Party

Lifestyle parties are events that help bridge the gap between the things we buy and the people who make them. They’re an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate their shared lifestyle.

So, how do you have a lifestyle party really work?

Here are six tips for throwing an awesome lifestyle party 1) Be sure to put lifestyle topics on your guest list: You’ll want people there with a variety of interests. Mix up your friends with new ones! Invite students in the fashion design program at school, bloggers who write about sustainable clothing lines, designers in local textile companies—you get the idea, and yes the hairstyle, matters a lot so having a Karen haircut will be fine but first you should know that what is a Karen haircut. The point of lifestyle parties is to get folks engaged and excited about what they can do next in their own lives. Bring together like-minded individuals so they can network and share ideas with one another.

2) Start your party off right with music: Music sets the tone of any event—even if it’s just for thirty minutes or so before guests arrive.


Lifestyle parties are celebrations of who you are and how you live. They are the perfect way to enjoy all your passions. From start to finish, here’s what it takes to plan a lifestyle party: First, choose an occasion. It can be anything from your birthday or graduation to Christmas or an engagement/wedding celebration.

Next Choose the date, time and location-be sure to schedule in advance so that everyone on your guest list will be able to attend. Third, send invitations-either via mail or email, which ever you prefer (party favours might go along well with the invite). Last but not least, make sure that you don’t forget those last-minute essentials: decorations, food (drinks), drinks (games) and much more!

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