What size is 5×10 storage units

The 5×10 storage unit measures 5′ wide by 10′ long providing you with approximately. 50 sq feet in storage! Are you unsure of what you could put in 50 square feet? Quite a lot.

The size of this storage unit can be used to store items belonging to an office or household item such as bedroom, dining room furniture, garage or patio.

What size is 5×10 storage units

What’s the best way to fit into the 5×10 storage unit?

If you’re moving to work or moving from a home in a new apartment to be deployed and require a place to store your furniture and other things from an apartment with a one bedroom or a small storage unit, our 5×10 space could be the perfect choice for you!

We can store the following items inside the 10×5 storage unit in our facility:

* Major appliances

* Items that are seasonal

* Furniture

* Totes, boxes and various personal items

These things are easily stored in a storage unit that measures 5×10. The storage space is double the size of an average walk-in closet. It gives the ability to keep larger items, such as patio furniture.

Do you have a plan to declutter your garage?

The 5×10 storage container can be used to store items in the garage, such as sporting equipment, lawn equipment little furniture items, decorations for the holidays or boxes.

Large appliances that are not used, such as your dryer and washer can also be put in 5×10 storage until you’re in need of them.

You require commercial storage for your Business Equipment?

Businesses are able to gain from increasing their storage space also. The self storage unit of 5×10 can be large enough to hold the furniture of an office room.

Office furniture, such as bookshelves and desks, chairs and tables and filing cabinets be accommodated in our 5×10 storage unit.

You can reserve your 5×10 Self-Storage Space

If you’re unsure whether a 5×10 storage unit is right for you then the FREE Concierge Services can connect you to an expert on storage to talk about our sizes for storage units.

No matter if you require storage for your personal needs or storage for your business Our experts will help you find the right size for your requirements!

We are at Price Self Storage, our storage facilities are designed to be extensions of your office or home and so, you can increase the storage space you have with a 5×10 storage units today.


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