Which brand of wood flooring is good? List of wood flooring brands

The wooden floor is beautiful and natural, and the wood is natural, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature, and is widely loved by people. The wood floors on the market are dazzling. What brand of wood floors should you choose? Today, the editor will recommend to you the latest wood floor brand ranking .


  1. The top ten brands of wood flooring are ranked No.
    Nature is a famous brand in China, China’s 500 most valuable brands, and has a high reputation in the industry. After years of development, nature has occupied a very important position in the industry. Natural Company has now become one of the drafting units of national standards in the flooring industry. You can also view at amazon discount code NHS
  2. The top ten brands of wooden flooring ranked second: Dekor is a Chinese environmental label certification brand, a safe and environmentally friendly brand. In the market, Dekor flooring can be described as a household name. Its products have good sales and are well received by consumers. favor.
  3. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked third: Yangzi Flooring Anhui Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. In the flooring industry, Yangzi Flooring Company has advanced production equipment and production technology. Through unremitting efforts, Yangzi Flooring has occupied a large market share.
  4. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked fourth: Kentia Kentia is China’s most valuable 500 brand, the company is located in Jiangsu, Kentia has a high reputation in the market, and is favored by the market and supported by consumers. It has grown into a well-known trademark in China, a famous brand in China, and an environmental label certification product.
  5. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked fifth: Gloria is China’s export-free product and one of the 500 most valuable brands in the country. Gloria products occupy a large market, creating a world not only in the domestic market, but also in the international market. Gloria still has strong market competitiveness.
  6. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked sixth:Anxin is one of the top 500 Chinese brands and an iconic brand in the industry. It is an enterprise specializing in flooring production. It has a high degree of specialization. It also has a certain advantage in price.

advantages and disadvantages of wooden floors

Wood flooring is the most widely used material in home decoration. Everyone should master a little basic knowledge of wood flooring – it will definitely be used in the future. Many people are vague about the concept of wood flooring, and they don’t even know how many generations of wood flooring there are, let alone the advantages and disadvantages of each generation. It’s wrong, today we’ll take a look at how wood floors are divided: you can also visit at ebay discount code NHS


From the launch of the first generation of wooden floors to today, the update iteration of wooden floors has gone through four periods, that is, there are four generations of wooden floors. Any product will follow the process of the new generation of products to eliminate the old generation of products, this is because people hope that the product performance is higher, better, the pursuit of more comfortable, more beautiful and more economical. There is no doubt that the four generations of wooden floors are stronger than each generation, and their performance is better than each generation. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each generation of wood floors.

the first generation of wood floors: original wood floors
It was invented by Chinese Luban. Since it has not been treated to improve insect-proof, waterproof and anti-deformation, it can only be used on the ground on the second floor and above that is overhead and dry. The wooden floor is not waterproof and wear-resistant, and the defects of easy deformation will lead to deformation, mildew and rot caused by moisture, and the service life is short and the value is not preserved. At present, most urban residents lay wooden floors directly on the cement floor, which will cause the above problems. Therefore, the first generation of wooden floors has been gradually eliminated by the market. Countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan stopped using the first generation of wooden floors as early as 2000. The first wooden floor in my country is about 15%, and it is decreasing year by year.

the second generation of wood flooring: laminate flooring

It was invented by the Germans in the 1970s. It is characterized by a wear-resistant surface, low cost and good stain resistance. At the same time, the floor is easy to install and widely used after it is launched, but the laminate floor has a short service life. The water resistance is poor, and the addition of urea-aldehyde glue in the production will release formaldehyde, and the environmental protection performance is not good.

the third generation of wood flooring: multi-layer solid wood flooring

Multi-layer and three-layer wood floors are collectively referred to as multi-layer solid wood floors. Multi-layer solid wood floors were invented by Americans in the 1980s. This product is economical, maintains the original wood feel, and has good deformation resistance, but the disadvantages of multi-layer solid wood floors are the same. The advantages are equally outstanding: not wear-resistant, there is formaldehyde release, and the wear resistance of multi-layer solid wood floors is not even comparable to the second-generation wood floors. Buyers also check at ikea discount code NHS

the fourth generation of wooden floors: Almighty King Flooring

Also known as Super King Wood Flooring, it was invented by the Chinese Mr. Zhou Zuquan, and the Chinese have regained the world’s leading position in the production of the highest level of wood flooring, becoming a wood flooring production and innovation powerhouse. The fourth-generation wooden floor can be said to be a near-perfect wooden floor. It combines the advantages of the first, second and third generations of floors – long service life, waterproof, wear-resistant, warm, comfortable, beautiful, and higher than Huagangyan. It has high wear resistance, good waterproof performance, can be directly washed with water, has a long service life of up to 50 years, and has high wood utilization rate and good environmental protection performance, also known as dream floor. The launch of Madeleine Almighty King floor means the arrival of the era of full floor covering.

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