Which Of The Following Is Not True About Graphic Design?

Graphic design has come a long way since its inception, with the invention of PostScript and the introduction of the Macintosh computer by Apple. But not all things you hear about it are true in fact, there are some misconceptions out there that really don’t reflect what graphic design really is today. This article will help you understand which of these fallacies are real and which ones aren’t.

Choosing colour

Selecting colour for your designs can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of knowledge you’ll soon see how easy it can be. The color wheel is one of the best tools to use when figuring out which colors will look great together. Colors that are adjacent to each other on the wheel go well together, so if you find an orange and a blue that seem like they would look great side by side, don’t hesitate to combine them in your design.

Another great way to pick out complementary colors from within a wheel are complimentary colors. Purple and green compliment each other wonderfully because one draws attention to the other when used together in graphic design projects, for example as a headline text and body copy combo.

Choosing typefaces

Choosing fonts can be a tricky part of graphic design. It’s important to use typefaces that are consistent with your company brand, as this will give your company’s communications and materials a coherent look. The font must also fit in with the rest of your content on your website, promotional materials, and presentations.

Most web-safe fonts fall into one category: serif or sans-serif. Serifs typically have brackets at their tops and bottoms; sans-serif fonts do not have these decorative touches. Each has its own benefits: for example, serif typefaces work well for a more formal setting, like an award dinner presentation, but sans-serif types are more legible on social media platforms where one needs to scroll through messages quickly.

Removing white space

Graphic Designers rely on a variety of tools, such as drawing tablets, graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Graphic designers are also responsible for color palettes and marketing illustrations. You might have heard the term graphic designers before in reference to movie posters, album covers, flyers, and advertisements.

Graphic designers use a variety of artistic mediums such as print media (i.e., magazines) or digital media (i.e., websites). A graphic designer typically does not need to take courses in college if they are self-taught but if they do want to go back to school, many colleges offer programs that focus on graphic design.

Simplifying graphics

  • Graphic designers use lots of colors to attract a viewer’s attention.
  • White space is an important graphic element that provides balance and readability in an image, page or layout.
  • Graphic designers combine text and images to communicate information visually in many ways.
  • A successful graphic designer creates visual messages by using typography, color, form, and texture within pages, images, or entire presentations that are both pleasing to look at and effective for communicating ideas and selling products or services to customers (or other entities).

Selecting a layout style

Which layout style you decide to use will depend on what you’re designing. There are three categories: text-heavy, picture-heavy, and graphic heavy. All three have their pros and cons depending on what it is that you’re trying to convey.

If you are a graphic designer or simply someone who enjoys design, it’s important to know which layout style works best for your type of graphic and content. Remember that some formats require more editing than others, so make sure you have time for whichever one it is that you choose!

Text-heavy layouts require the least amount of time because there aren’t any graphics involved in those designs. Picture-heavy layouts may take longer depending on what photos are involved but can be rewarding if done well because they can convey strong visual imagery.

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